Sunday, December 6, 2009

I did a little shopping today...

For my SEC Championship T-shirts!!!

It's a little ritual that most of us around the area seem to have....snapping up t-shirts as soon as possible after a big win.

And we did win BIG!

I did expect to have a bit of a hard time finding shirts to fit all of us, but what I didn't count on is the HUGE, RAVENOUS crowd that was grabbing for the same t-shirts that I wanted.

It was CRAZY!

I felt like I was trying to get a Miley Cyrus autograph or something!

People love their Alabama football, and this is the biggest win they've had since 1999!

Other than beating Auburn on a few occasions, here and!

But, somehow I managed to grab 4 shirts and I just pray that at least one of them will actually fit!

I managed to find matching shirts for me and Marty. The large logo is on the back and the small logo is on the front.

I got this pretty feminine shirt for Chelsea (she picked it out).

The BEST shirt was the one I found for Jameson. It's got a ton of stuff on the front....

and on the back.

I even managed to grab a hounds-tooth scarf for myself (it's ALL about the hounds-tooth these days!) and a bracelet for Chelsea.

They did have one shirt that said "Gator Hater" on it....but I thought that was kinda tacky, so I decided not to get any of those. By the number of those left on the rack, I think the majority of people felt the same way about those, too.

So, as I pulled all of our shirts out, and looked at them with pride....I realized, the ONLY person that will even be able to actually WEAR one of those shirts tomorrow is Jameson. Marty and I have to work and Chelsea has to wear a uniform to school.


I could have saved myself a lot of hassle and a lot of money!


While I was out shopping today, I did manage to find a cute little (well, actually a cute HUGE) outfit to wear to the Pioneer Woman cook book signing tomorrow night. I just hope it fits and I don't end up looking like a freak by the time I work allllll day long and then drive through ATLANTA traffic to get there!

WAY out of my comfort zone!

SO, don't forget, if you want a chance to win a free, autographed cook book from Ree Drummond herself, leave a comment with what EXACT autograph you would like in your book by 6:00 p. CST tonight!

I will draw the winner tonight, but won't be revealing the winner until Tuesday!



  1. Robin, I'm SO glad you got the shirts you wanted! :) I'm a sports fan, too. Love my Yankees! :) Watch a little football but not as much as I watch baseball.
    My husband is a HUGE Alabama fan! He was thrilled they won, too. :) Wore his Alabama cap yesterday when we went shopping.
    Have a blast meeting PW! I'm jealous!

  2. Awesome shopping spree! Good luck with your outfit and the traffic in Atlanta! :)

  3. Robin:

    Have a great time meeting PW tomorrow! Twitter and send twit pics. I've been following along on her trip and the BEST info and pics have been from the bloggers who twitter! Her sister and Hyacinth are with her this time. And I see Bakerella will be there too! You ladies do the south proud!


  4. I wish I could Twitter....I don't have a phone that can do that! :o( Maybe I should bring my!

  5. Robin,
    Can you get me one and have it signed to Mari. I will send you a money order for the book and shipping. She's not coming to Seattle and I love Ree. I already have the cookbook, but I really want one signed by her. be sure to take your camera and take pictures with her. You are so lucky.


  6. Robin, Have a great trip, you will do fine, sounds like you are among friends. I dont know who the Pioneer woman is, but it sure sounds like alot of woman love her! Cant wait to hear all about your trip! Sue

  7. Mari, I am going to try my best! :o) I need a way to contact you, please!


  8. We fought the crowd too. Mom called and they told her the shirts wouldn't be in till 1, so thats when we got there. They were already almost gone!! I had a hard time finding us some. Especially one to fit my ever expanding belly!!I got the one with the hat on the back and Chris got the same one you got. I really wanted the girl one with all the writing on the back because it has the score on it. I am going back because they are suppose to get more in!

  9. Hi Robin,
    It was great meeting you tonight at the PW cookbook signing. I'll be checking your blog often. Maybe I'll start my own soon! =) Hope you made it home safely.


  10. Scarlett!!! Send me an email!!!!!
    ( It was great meeting you too! What time did you finally get your book signed? I was walking out the door around 10:00 pm, and made it home around midnight (Georgia time).


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