Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My first ever Mantle Party!

The Nester, over at The Nesting Place (you know, the blog that started my obsession with blogs) is hosting a Fall Mantle Decorating Party!

I am so excited because this year I actually have a mantle to decorate!  I've stared at that big open hole and that big ol' television long enough.  Now I have something pretty to look at!

I not thrilled with how the top of the mantle looks right now.  Trying to decorate around that big ol' television is tough!  I am hoping I can get some ideas through Nester's party.
One thing I do love, though, is the "FALL" swag!  It was so much fun to make (and cheap, too).  I've bought the scrapbook paper to make one for Jameson's room and the Dining room, too.

So, anyway, here is my first attempt at decorating my mantle.  I hope you like it!

The jars are filled with these super-cute scrapbook paper pumpkins that I made.  I found the instructions on a blog last week.  They are so simple to make!  They literally take about 5 minutes.  I will do a post on them soon! 

 The pine cones are part of a collection from Jameson.  Ever since we first moved in this house, every time he finds a pine cone, he brings them in to give to me.  It's his own special gift and there is one specific place he wants me to put them.  I hope he won't be upset I've moved them for a few weeks.

So there is my first ever fall mantle.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Now head on over to the Nester's party and see how REAL decorators do their thing!

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***I just had to change the spelling of "Mantel" to "Mantle".....According to most spellings, both are correct, but spelling it MANTEL was just bothering me...lol!***

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