Monday, December 29, 2008

I have my first Follower....

I finally have a follower! YIPEEEEE!!! NO, it's not my Spiderman-loving son. Yes, it's my good buddy "Meldin" from the HGTV Decorating Message Board! Like she said, us "slackin' decoratin' Nascar fans have to stick together!" WELCOME "Mel"!!! I guess that means I actually have to write something now, huh? LOL!


  1. Alrighty, then! Where the heck is everybody else? Surely we can round up some more fans! C'mon, y'all, Robin's blog is a HOOT!

  2. Mel, I think you are the only one that is crazy enough to actually "follow" me! LOL! I guess we will just have to party together! WOOOO HOOOO!

  3. It's a party, alright! And a recipe for insanity!!! We got bags for Christmas from our youngest and her man. They built them all by their lil' ol' selves. Did a good job. too! Tony Stewart on one and Carl Edwards on the other. Wanna play?!

  4. Only if you add a Jeremy Mayfield bag in there! Good luck on finding one of those!

    I hope you have a FANTASTIC New Year's Mel!


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