Wednesday, January 28, 2009


You MUST go and read this post from Tracie over at "Tale of Many Cities" It is an absolute fantastic tribute to our military men and women!

(I loved it Tracie!....I still can't leave a comment on your blog, so I thought I would just leave my comment here for all to see!!)


  1. As the mother of an aviator, I would like to add my heartfelt AMEN!

  2. I have seen this in email form, and I agree....AMEN! If I had seen this in the paper and I was this whiner's neighbor, I would have broken out the slapping glove and put it to good use! What's a slapping glove?

    Slapping Glove (pronounced: gluv) Noun: An apperatus used during the act of slapping an offensive person, often used so the offending slappee feels the sting of the glove, therefore making the act more enjoyable.

  3. awww.. thanks so much Robin!!! glad it touched you, as it did me!

    btw.. i'm confused as to why you're not able to leave a comment on my page!

  4. i re-checked my settings, and you should be able to leave comments! :D i have the moderation set just in case someone is offensive to others, but i usually publish everything! so give it a try!

  5. Barb, "Slapping Glove".....Laughing my bootie off!

  6. i must say.. the slappin' glove is a big hit in my house! ;) the hubby is dying laughing!!


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