Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hello Thursday!

Hello all of my 5 readers! I hope you are all having a fantabulous Thursday! Yesterday was a pretty rough day at's how I felt when I finally got off work...

My double chins were even at their wits end!

I woke up today with a cold (thanks Daphne!), and feel like I have been run over by a snot truck (sorry, a little gross, I know)! I'm thankful that there was nothing that absolutely had to do today, other than take Jameson to school and pick him up. I have managed to get a few loads of clothes done and the dishes washed, but that's about it. I have been enjoying my day by reading blog after blog....I think I'm addicted. Is there a support group for that?
"My name is Robin, and I'm a BLOG-A-Holic"

I did start the day, by honoring the first blogger that I ever became addicted to....
The Nester She has this addiction to Toaster Strudel and Icing.
(Scroll down about 2/3rd's down the page).

It looked a lot better until the icing melted... :(

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic day and be sure to look out for that snot truck!


  1. OMG!!!! You crack me up!!!! I am so glad I found your blog!

  2. You do great work. Welcome to the club!

  3. Thanks Kori! I'm so glad you found me too!! It's great to have a new buddy!

    Nester, I am honored you cruised by my itty-bitty blog! My dang icing packet ripped down the side on the first one, thus the "N"! I strive to your toaster strudel greatness!

  4. Robin - I follow you b/c you make me laugh. I felt the same way today. A toaster struedel drenched in bourbon couldn't have helped. Blah day! But I am home now. mmmm....home! :-)
    Hope your Friday is much better.

  5. Barb.....Hmmmmmmm, toaster stuedel drenched in bourbon....that sounds very interesting! I hope your Friday is much better too!

  6. Hi Robin! I am also ADDICTED! I am an "old dog and this is a new trick"~~so I don't have a blog myself~~but this world is AMAZING! It's actually been months now that I have been following wonderful stories like "Bring the Rain" and (Read them if you haven't!)

    Your site reminded me to check on baby Harper today and the news is GOOD if you haven't heard. I linked through to her pastor grandpa's site (from Flippin Arkansas!). I quote from him below as I say good night to you from the Seattle WA area. He has a wonderful story to tell.

    In Christ's love for us all, Michal Ann

    ...The "why" question is another matter. In fact, throughout this whole ordeal it is perhaps the number one question being voiced by the many readers of this blog and by those who are aware of Harper's situation.

    It is the most natural question we all want to ask. Why did this happen to such an innocent, precious baby girl? Why, after all that Kelly and Scott went through to conceive? Why, after being given the gift of a precious child in the womb? Why, after a very normal pregnancy in a very healthy young mother? - Would this child be born so sick? Why?

    For the child of God, the "why" is never the right question. The real question should be "who?" Who is going to get the glory in this situation. Who is the One that should be the focus of our attention. After all 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, "Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God."

    I have no idea why Harper is sick and in the NICU at St. Francis in Tulsa when she should be home in the arms of her mother. But I do know this. At 8:30 this morning in the waiting area of the NICU I noticed a family that seemed to be very anxious about their baby. With good reason, that little 4 day old infant was scheduled to have open heart surgery at 9:00 am. I identified myself as a pastor and asked the young father if I might pray for little "Brooklyn." He said "yes." The family gathered around and we prayed.

    Not more than ten minutes later the doctor came out of the NICU. She said to the family, "I know you are very keyed up at this point about the heart surgery. I need to tell you that we are going to postpone it indefinitely. For somehow, her lungs have completely cleared and it appears she no longer needs the surgery!" No doubt our Lord had performed a miracle of grace for this family in answer to a simple prayer. Why is Harper in critical condition in Tulsa today? We will never perhaps, know why. But we certainly know Who gets the glory today!

    And we continue to give Him glory and praise as Harper continues to improve little by little. A second echocardiogram taken today again affirmed her heart to be in good shape. Her lungs are beginning to clear of fluids - although very slowly. And they were able to reduce the amount of oxygen being given through the ventilator by a little bit. All good news for "Who," our Lord, gets the glory.

  7. Michal Ann....THANK YOU SO MUCH for your post!! Oh yes, I have been following little Harpers progress ever since I first read what was happening. I have become obsessed with updates about her. Praise to God for her wonderful improvement! I spend Sunday, after Church, reading through "Bring the Rain" and have also read "My Charming Kids"....aren't they just wonderful? Please come back frequently because I love meeting new people!!
    Robin :-)


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