Monday, January 19, 2009

I think that I should be MORE concerned.....

that THESE are my 16 y.o. Daughter's obsessions....

James Marsden

Brandon Barash

OK, at least they are Movie/Television stars.....No way she could actually get to them or anything.....RIGHT? RIGHT?


  1. I would be. Here's a post that might be of encouragement to you: I know perhaps she doesn't have any blogs, but look under "your idols".

    Strive to keep your daughter heart from lusting after other men. Encourage her to keep her thoughts, heart, and focus on the Lord until he brings her a man of whom she can call her own.

    This might also help:

    Miss Jocelyn

  2. Looks like Chelsea is just like any other 16 year old girl. As for the possibility of her ever meeting one of these hunks, how many times have you met the pinups you had on your walls when you were her age?

  3. Your daughter has good taste! Ha! I definitely think she is like any other 16 year old. I'm about to e-mail you back!

  4. Miss Jocelyn, thank you for your comments. At a later time, I will be posting a history of Chelsea's life that will explain many things about her and how truly special she really is.

    Kathy, you are so right....I only met one of crushes that I had as a kid....and I was so enamored, I couldn't!

    Lauren, you are such a doll! I'm so glad that I found your site!! THANK YOU!


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