Saturday, January 3, 2009

Well, Christmas is officially over!

Here is all that is left of my Christmas Decor.....

Notice all the green glitter, dust bunnies, and the Ben-10 alien?

I knew that this would be the last day that dear hubby would be home and rested for a while, so I knew this was my chance to get all the Christmas stuff put up. You see, the only thing worse than a slacker Mama (me), is a slacker Daddy....which I am married to! I knew that my huffing and puffing taking all of the decorations down would entice my hubby away from the television. He was so excited to help me pack every thing up and lug it into our new attic! We got everything down, and put up in about 3 hours. That is not bad at all! Especially considering I had three decorated trees to un-decorate (is that a word?) and disassemble, 7 wreaths to pack up (I didn't have to take but one of those down....mother nature did the rest of my work for me...UGHHHH) and variouse boxes of junk just laying around everywhere. Now the house looks so empty. I think I need to go shopping!

Here is my dear, sweet hubby coming out of the attic. This is the first time EVER we have had an appropriate place to put our Christmas decorations. I'm so excited that I don't have to stare at those boxes all year again!

LOOK! His eye is open!!!

You see all that furniture in the background? That is dear hubby's next project. He is going to refinish all that furniture to put in the house. ***Sigh*** Maybe it will be finished by NEXT Christmas.....

Oh, and for all of you who are wondering, YES, my husband does have other clothes than the white t-shirt and black shorts....he just prefers to leave them in the closet.

Oh, and don't think it was just my dear hubby and I doing all the work today....Jameson had to do a little cleaning himself....

That's his punishment for having bad aim.


  1. Hmmm, you said he was a straight shooter. Oh, that was with the BB gun. LOL

  2. You are such a NUT! LOL! Jameson actually enjoys cleaning the toilet...isn't that strange? We go through a box of those toilet wand things per month (just for that bathroom)!


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