Monday, February 2, 2009

Cartoons and Sick Days

Well, my little unwelcomed visitors from a week-or-so ago decided to hang around and now my son is getting to "enjoy" the party! When I tried to wake him up a little before 7:00, and he didn't budge....I knew something was up. He usually is WIDE awake at the first crack of daylight. He felt a little warm, so I decided to let him sleep in. When he finally woke up around 8:30, he quickly informed me that he felt "BLECHY", and he was going into MY bedroom to watch cartoons (now mind you, HE has his OWN television in his room....) A little while later, he comes to me and said, "I want an orange cut in half, like this (showing me), and put on a plate. Then I want two eggs cooked like circles with little yellow circles in the middle. And then I want a pancake, cut in a shape like this (a triangle), and ONE piece of bacon." Confused, I asked him WHY his food needed to fixed in this exact way? "That's the way they did it on TV". Now I am really curious, so I go into the bedroom to see what he was talking about. Thank goodness for DVR, and this is what I found....

Jameson decided he needed a plate that looked JUST LIKE THAT! So being the sucker good, kind, sweet mother that I am, I attempted to make his dream breakfast come true.

I had to compromise a little.....we only had tangerines, not grapefruit, and I convinced him that the "pancake" was really toast, and NO COFFEE for my little wild heathern sweet son.


How does it look? More importantly, will HE like it???

He must have!!

Hmmmmm, does he look sick to you???


  1. WOW, what an amazing recovery! Who knew a Tom and Jerry breakfast was a miraculous cure? What a good Mom you are for indulging him. AND, how about him remembering exactly what was on that plate in the cartoon. He must have seen it for all of 4 or 5 sceonds and remembered it all.

  2. LOL.. what a great mom you are!! and what a cutie he is!

  3. Nahhh, I was just hoping I could get him to eat a LITTLE something that didn't have a stick in it (popcicles are his obsession). I think I will, however, make sure he stays away from the Food Network....I don't think my culinary skills are that good! LOL!
    Thanks for the compliments.

  4. Oh, that is just too sweet! I sure miss having little ones in the house.

  5. Thanks for posting, Marla! I spent the morning reading through your entire blog! I hope you come back soon!

  6. AWWWWW,I would never of done that..LOL. You are such a sweet Mommy!

  7. Thanks Kori...I just wanted to see if I could do, we had all the stuff to do it with...

    Man, I feel bad now, I definitely wasn't trying to toot my own horn or anything, I just thought it was funny that he asked for a specific breakfast that he saw on Tom and Jerry. LOL!

  8. LOL...don't feel bad! I really would of done it too...anything to make my babies happy!

  9. Robin, when Bud gives the grandkids breakfast, he's been known to cut their pancakes, waffles or omelets in whatever animal shape they want. I finally bought him some mini cookie cutters when he had trouble designing a flamingo, LOL You're a good Mom. Don't ever apologize for that.


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