Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What's on your walls Wednesday

My dear buddy, Barb, over at Grits and Glamour, has started a weekly tradition of What's on your walls Wednesday. This lets us show everyone the things we have on our walls, and tell the stories behind them.
This week, I thought I would be brave and share a couple of things on my wall. It's not that I am embarrassed to show what's on my walls, but I literally only have a couple of things ON my walls....LOL! I'm really new to this decorating stuff, and we've just been putting things up a little at a time. I also have the occasional problem getting my dear, sweet hubby to hang the things I want.

So, without any further ado.....MY WALLS..... (Well, actually, today it is Jameson's walls...lol)

Like most little boys, Jameson LOVES trains! I don't think there is a Thomas out there that he doesn't have (yes, even the lead-coated ones...EEEEK!!) So, when we were building the house, I knew that I wanted his room to have a train theme....but not a "baby" theme. So, after hours of searching magazines, internet sites and E-bay, I came up with a few "big boy" ideas.

My husband found the red and green "open and close" hardware on the wall. They are old switch tags from the power company that my husband works for. I think it is really cool that there is a little part of hubby's job on Jameson's wall. The star is an after-Christmas 66% off find at Hobby Lobby.

These "pictures" are actually postcards that I won on EBay. The auction was for 67 pristine vintage postcards, so I let Jameson pick out his favorites. I found these frames at Target, and the openings fit the postcards PERFECTLY! These are some of my favorite things in the house.

Here is Jameson's Nester inspired ragamuffin swag, complete with a Nester tassel! I still have to add a few things to it, but I think it turned out really well. This photo also shows the "barn red" metal star that Jameson just HAD to have. That thing has about 6 coats of paint on it because we couldn't get the red just right.

Well, I will leave it at that today. I only have a few more decorated walls, so I will save them for the next week!

Thanks Barb for coming up with this!

Go check out everyone else's walls at Grits and Glamour!


  1. How lucky that you found frames that fit the postcards perfectly. They look really nice and I bet Jameson is happy with his walls!...Christine

  2. Wow! Your swag looks great! And don't you love Hobby Lobby and a sale!

  3. I am going to have to do the pictures for my son, but with john deere.

  4. The postcard idea is a great one! I did something similar in my kitchen with note cards from Ikea. Its funny, I get more comment on that piece than on some of our more expensive wall art! Great job, and I love the swag. And of course this Texas gal loves that star! Kathy

  5. Maybe this will work, I'm blog ignorant.
    Sharn Jean aka Rednecknurse

  6. My boys loved trains when they were younger too. Great ideas!

  7. How special you made this for your son..great post thanks for sharing..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  8. Love how you have decorated Jameson's room. How very cool & stylish too!

  9. Love the framed train postcards. Great way to show them off. I liked everything.

  10. It's nice to see another Alabama blogger. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Grat way to show off postcards. Very creative.

  12. To all of my "long time" followers, THANK YOU for the comments! I spill my guts to you every day and you STILL keep following me! And for that, I am greatful!

    WELCOME to all of my new viewers today! THANK YOU SO MUCH for venturing to my itty-bitty blog! Please come back again!!

    Sharn Jean.....By George, I think You've got it!!!!!!! LOVE YA MAN!!!

  13. Great idea with the postcard frame! I am going to look for a similar one. My daughters are dedicated travelers, and have STACKS of postcards that need a good home! thanks for the inspiration.

  14. Hi sweetie - sorry I am just making all the rounds on WOYWW. Long, long day - Mr Grits has a serious health issue we are dealing with so please keep him in your prayers.

    I love that swag. What a wonderful and creative boy's room. I love the star too. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, Barb

  15. How creative! I love the star...and I love your blog. :)


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