Monday, March 16, 2009

Never make a deal with a 6 y.o.!

Well my friends, today is "Day 1" of Spring Break for my kiddos. Normally this would be a great thing, but today in Alabama it is dreary, cool, and rainy...
PLUS, Jameson has the crud and a bad attitude!

He has a doctor's appointment this afternoon. I'm pretty sure they can fix the crud.....not too sure about the attitude, though.


Well, this morning, Jameson was watching cartoons educational television, and some dummy brilliant person was showing how you can make your own "one man band" out of your everyday pots and pans.

Jameson comes running into the living room and says

"MOMMY! I have a GREAT idea!!!"

Ohhhhhh, NO! I don't think so! I'm not going to dirty up MY pots and pans,
and let you make lots of NOISE music.

Well, Jameson, seeing as he has developed a bad attitude with his crud, walks off pouting and yelling "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!!"

So, being the sucker sweet mama that I am, I told him I would make him a deal. If HE cleaned up ALL of his toys out of the living room and kitchen, he could make his beautiful music!

Jameson eagerly accepted his challenge. That is, until he got to the first pile of toys. Once again, he yells
"IT'S NOT FAIR!!" "I can't do this ALLLLLLL by myself!!"

Laughing to myself, I then tell him "Well, it's not fair that I have to clean up YOUR mess AND then have to clean ALL the pots and pans you want to use for your band, is it?"

"YES IT IS! You are the MOMMY, that's what you are supposed to do!"

Once he notices the "evil eye" I'm giving him....he starts to clean again.

By now, I am engrossed in the internet busy doing housework, so I'm not paying very close attention to his efforts. Soon, he yells
"LOOK MOMMY! Can we get the pots out now?"

Sure enough, most of his toys are gone!


Since he lived up to his part of the deal, we eagerly go to the cabinets and find the "perfect" pans.

WOW! It's amazing how LOUD some pots, pans and spoons can be!

This kept him busy for an hour or so. And he was ONE happy little boy, let me tell you!

THEN, as I was walking by the couch, I noticed this....


So much for a clean living room!

I KNOW you all want to be me right now!!


  1. Sneaky little booger isn't he.

  2. Thanks for the laugh! Blake usually throws all of his stuff in the closet, so it looks clean. However, its a huge surprise when I start to hang up his clean clothes. And he is 12. Ugh.

  3. Just move the couch back over it. I won't tell.

  4. These are ALWAYS the first places I check when I have the simple request to have my kids clean...Sofa,Closet, and under the Bed...well, my middle child has out smarted me for a while now...she has been putting her dirty laundry, and shoes in her TOY BINS!!!! She is 8!!!! No wonder she has no underpants or socks....LOL

  5. march break here too and i'm already going bananas! althoug it was a beautiful day today and she was outside most of the day riding her bike...6 days to

  6. I can't possibly discourage a kiddo from any musical endeavor, but couldn't you find him a nice quiet tuba lol! Did he move the sofa by himself? This cracks me up, he probably spent more time coming up with a hiding place than it would have taken him to put them away. Thanks for the giggle, and have fun the rest of the week lol. Kathy

  7. the stash and stowe method, What a clever little guy, lol. I enjoyed his little concert! Sue


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