Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ahhhh, the joys of living in the country!

One of the "perks" of living in the country has to be the unexpected visitors you tend to get every now and again.

In our old house, a snake slithered in during hurricane Ivan. We found it, alive, a week after the hurricane. After Marty pulled every single stinkin' thing out of our hall closet, there was the snake, hiding in the corner. He killed it and I got my closet cleaned it was all good.

Then we moved into the new house....surrounded by about 70 acres of trees.

We encountered our first visitor the first week we were in the house. It was a rogue bobcat that decided he wanted to take up residence under our house. Let me tell ya, there is nothing like being awakened at 2:00 am by the sound of a screaming bobcat!


It sounded like a baby crying! We jumped up and flew into the kid's rooms thinking something had happened to one (or both) of them. After jerking them out of their deep sleep, checking every inch of their bodies, and realizing they were indeed breathing....we heard that scream again.....

Coming from OUTSIDE!

Marty ran outside just in time to see the bobcat running out from underneath the house, into the woods. Needless to say, it took a WHILE for us to get back to sleep that night.

Nothing like a big dose of adrenaline to get your heart pumping!

Since that night, we've mostly had the occasional rabbits, deer, squirrels, lizards, frogs, know, the usual stuff. Today, we noticed that we had some new visitors.

First, we have birds. Four of them (or maybe more). A mama bird, a daddy bird, and two baby birds. A happy family of birds.

A very noisy family of birds!

When we were building the house, we had these "fold-up" chairs that got toted around everywhere. They were light, portable, and durable....just right for home construction. I managed to destroy one during the building process, but had a second chair for back up. When we moved in, the surviving chair sort-of got shoved to a corner on the back porch. It wasn't left in the "locked" position, but it wasn't completely folded up either. It was just open enough to stand-up unassisted. Well, the Bird family decided that this chair would be the PERFECT place to call home!

For weeks, we have seen Mama bird and Daddy bird fly in and out, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There must be no rest for the Bird family! We would see them bring in twigs and string, over and over again, making a very large nest. Today, we noticed they were bringing in something different....


So, being the curious blogger mama that I am, I grabbed my camera and went into try-to-hide-so-mama bird-won't-see-me mode. Mama bird didn't seem to like my camera, or it's flash, but after standing statue-still for 30 minutes, I did manage to get a couple of pictures....

After I cropped the pictures....I saw Mama and Daddy Bird's pride-and-joy(s)....

Two little baby birds!

I'm glad to know that at least one of those chairs was able to live on....albeit, probably not for it's original purpose! LOL

Our second new visitor isn't as cute. As a matter of fact, it is downright SCARY!! So, if you have a weak heart.....turn away NOW!

**I'm waiting**

OK, everybody gone? Good. I don't want to be responsible for someone having a heart attack or something.

Jameson came running into the house this afternoon yelling...


Well, since my son has been known to over exaggerate things from time-to-time, we not-so-quickly got up to see what his latest "drama" was. When we got outside, this is what we found:

Oh, and if you can't's a Black Widow Spider eating a BUMBLEBEE!!! It's body was at least the size of a quarter.


Marty ran and got a can of bug spray and zapped it a couple of times, instantly killing it and putting the poor bumblebee out of it's misery. But now I am completely freaked out and am scared there are black widow spiders crawling around my house!

I want to move to the city!!



What's the scariest thing you have ever found in YOUR house?


  1. For now..the scariest thing in my house would have to be the "mystery bowls" in the back of my fridge.

    A bobcat under the house? Seriously?? I would've died. Those things sound scary!! We've had a skunk under the house - which of course was chased by the dogs and decided to spray. NICE air freshener for sure.

    If I had a snake in my house, I would probably move. Had one in my car once, and begged to trade it in.

    That is a HUGE black widow! Totally creepy!

  2. Robin, your birdie family is adorable!!!!
    Black widow spiders...SCARY! You've got your black widows in the south, we have these big brown spiders called Hobo spiders in the northwest, yes, they're poisonous too. :( The biggest one I've seen in our house was about 3 inches across..YUK!

  3. I hate SPIDERS!!!!!!! I have Hobo's here too...really bad at my house. THe rest of the stuff I can deal with, but not the spiders! EEEEEKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!

  4. ok, if i had a snake in my house i think i would have to move out. omg u had a live snake in your house, that scares me so bad, now i have to check my house for snakes. and it stayed there a week without u knowing omg. sry now...the scariest thing i have see in our home was a huge spider, didnt see what kind it was, but it was brown and furry and it ran across my floor and under my chair. wesley vaccumed under the chair for like 20 minutes and the spider never ran out so im guessing it dead, but as for now that is the scariest thing i have seen, oh and those birds are adorable.

  5. The birds are so cute, but what a funny place to nest! Sorry, if I had a s---- in my house, I would have to move. I can't even type the word lol. I can deal with plumbing issues, foundation problems, and the neighbor cat who figured out how to get the screen off and come in for a visit, but not those things with no legs!!!! You are a braver soul than I. Kathy

  6. When we lived in Texas we had a roadrunner that lived in our neighborhood. For some reason, it was attached to my home and family and would stalk us. One day it chased me, dragging two little ones, down the street, me screaming in terror. It would jump on the car and try to peck at me while I drove. Finally, animal control caught it. We never did find out why the craziness over my home and family.

  7. AAAHHH the joys of country living. We have had mice, INSIDE the house, YUCK, my husband says they just came in to get warm, yuck, I try to channel my inner Cinderella and pretend they are there as my friends, but YUCK, no way. We swear that the spiders grow soooo much bigger out here then they did when we lived in the city! But still the plus' of country living outweigh the minus'
    And an FYI, that pic on my post if not of my local GW, I wish, ours is kind of yucky, lol. Sue

  8. The scariest thing I ever found in my house would HAVE to ex-husband! But I zapped him too(with divorce papers) so he is FOREVER eradicated!!

    Thank you for visiting my blog! The race yesterday was GREAT!!!! Had a BLAST!

    Loved your post! So Funny!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  9. The "scariest" thing I ever found in my house was Dale Earnhardt Senior memorabilia. YIKES!!!!
    We've had skunks under the porch; a chipmunk inside the walls; frogs, snakes and lizards (thanks to the boys; and a bat came to visit for a few hours. That's about it.

  10. We have black widows at the chicken houses, but we have brown recluse spiders in the basement!

  11. in-laws live on a ranch with huge spiders and other creepy things. They often trap raccoons (and release them miles away). If my kids are there, they take their pics...standing next to a wild raccoon who is a cage..and right next to my kids!! (Blinders on...fingers in my ears...better if I don't see a thing :) Have a wonderful, spider free day!!

  12. A Potato Bug, slugs at our old house and spiders now. We live in a city too.

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