Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's On Your Wall Wednesday!

My dear, sweet, friend Barb over at Grits and Glamour is getting back into her decorating groove by resuming her hosting duties of What's On Your Wall Wednesday!

Now since I have ZERO very limited decorating funds these days (two mortgages are KILLING ME!), I haven't participated in WOYWW like I would have liked to, because, to be honest....I really don't have a lot on my walls!

Well tonight, Barb reminded me that WOYWW doesn't have to be just about Art, pictures, plates, nick-knacks, etc....it can be ANYTHING you have on your walls!

Barb's post this week is showcasing many beautiful TILE walls that she has found during her decorating excursions. Most of her pictures showcase walls that are more beautiful than any art ever could be. This post thrills me to death because I HAVE TILE WALLS!

When we first started building this house, we had no plans on having two completely tiled showers, or a mosaic tiled backsplash in the kitchen.....but after spending many, many, many hours looking at tiles, I just couldn't resist! Now I am so glad I did!

First of all, I would like to share the most unused portion of our new home....the kid's tub/shower. Now, now....I know what you are thinking "Your kids don't BATHE?" Well, of course they do...just not in their bathroom. Since I still have to help bathe both kids, it's just much easier to use our shower. So for now....I just love looking at my new, clean, unused bath/shower.

The large tiles on the walls are the same tiles we have on our floors. I fell in love with this tile the first moment I laid my eyes on it! I literally chose every color and stain in this house to go with this tile. It is ceramic, but looks exactly like travertine...complete with the little pits and imperfections. But the great part is....NO MAINTENANCE!

Tiling the entire wall with the same tile would have made the shower a little boring, so we decided to add the tumbled-marble mosaic stripe around the top. But it still needed something more...so after a quick trip to the home improvement store, I found these great and inexpensive dark gray metallic tile strips. It is amazing how much that little touch improved the look of this shower!

Next is the tile backsplash in the kitchen. Originally, we were going to use tumbled marble that matched the floor tile, but then I came face-to-face with THIS.....

TAHHHHH DAHHHHHHHH....isn't it beautiful? Different colors of tumbled marble with brown glass tiles.

It was love at first sight!

I literally bought every piece of this tile they had in every store from Trussville, Alabama, to Atlanta Georgia!

However, I am NOT pleased with the pattern it was laid in! That will teach me to leave the house while the tile was being laid!

And finally, my master shower. Oh this shower....visitors have begged to use this shower. I've had offers to rent my shower out for second honeymoons....really!

When you look at a space on a set of houseplans, you never really realize how big or small the space will actually be until it is actually built. This shower turned out sooo much bigger than we thought it would! NOT that it is a BAD thing!

So, without further ado, my master shower...

Isn't she pretty?

Here is the same floor tile that we have on the floors and on the other tub/shower walls. I forgot to mention the MAIN reason that I loved this tile is the cost. Only $1.99 per square foot! Can you believe that? This great price allowed us to splurge a little on this border of tumbled marble. The floor of the shower is also tumbled marble. It's amazing how these different materials match perfectly with each other!

Well folks, there you go....this is what is on my walls this week!

What is on yours??

By the way Barb,....you SO need to have a bench in your shower! ;)


  1. Wow Robin, you really have some gorgeous tile work in your home. Beautiful choices. I especially love the tile in the kitchen, great colors and textures. And that master bath shower is amazing, I want that bench! Kathy

  2. Very nice tile work...love that master shower size! Fabulous!
    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you pulled a post together. That was fast, too!

    Okay - back to the tile! LOVE IT!
    I love the thoughts of the ceramic that mimics travertine. I love my travertine in guest bath but can't afford that for the Master. Well, I guess I could if I moonlighted as a bank robber. :-)

    I love your Master bath shower. Do you love your shower head? I have looked at one like that. Also, do you have two shower heads or one? The contractor said we had enough room for two, and we are also thinnking about a tankless water heater just for this shower. so many decisions......aaaaaggghh! LOL

    Thanks for joining in this week's WOYWW!

  4. So pretty!! I LOVE it all. I wanna play, I wanna play! Go check mine out!

  5. Aren't you a nurse? Well, I am in need of medical attention, as I have a BAD case of tileenvy.....yes, the dreaded tile envy. It is so bad that I am breaking out in hives! :)
    LOVE those bathroom tiles! OMG!!!


  6. ummmm.. i can see why peeps wanna rent out that shower!!! that's my dream shower.. room for two, multiple shower heads, to include the rain head.. and a BENCH!!! you're a lucky lucky girl. :)
    oh, and i also love the small mosaic in the kitchen!

  7. Beautiful tile work. I really like that rainhead showerhead in the master shower.

  8. I am so glad you posted your wonderful tilework. It is truly wonderful! ~Terrie~

  9. Beautiful tile!! Your shower is huge, big enough for two.

  10. Our next Friday night party will be in your master bath. That thing's big enough for all the Mayniacs. Love it and your walls!!

  11. Love the master shower! It's a dream shower! I could get lost in there for hours!

  12. You have now made me break a commandment. I have shower envy & I covet it!!!

  13. Oh my Robin, Your tile is to die for! I have always shied away from putting in tile afraid of the expense and the installation. But after seeing yours, I just may have to reconsider. My kids took showers in our bathroom instead of theirs until they moved out of the house at 25 and 21, go figure, lol. Also, i bought a chocolate fudge cake and chocolate fudge icing to make my best cake ever cake tomorrow for the local chocolate fest, will that work??? Hope so. Thanks, Sue

  14. Thank all of ya'll so much! Needless to say I was SHOCKED when I got home tonight and read all of these comments!! You are making me blush!!

    OK, to answer some of the questions:

    Kathy....Thank you so much and yes, the bench is terrific! ;o)

    Barb...we LOVE the rainhead shower head...BUT, you need to get one that has an adjustable spray. I read several reviews that said that the plain rainheads don't have enough pressure to rinse shampoo out of your hair. SO, I found one that is adjustable and I am so glad I did, because the "normal" setting won't rinse my hair!
    If you have room for two heads, then definitely get two!! We currently only have one and there are parts of our shower that have never been wet! Something else you may want to is the the body sprays. We have two body sprays in our On/Off knob! That was a great little surprise for me that hubby and the plumber got for me!
    As far as the tankless water heater goes....it is a good idea, but you have to have a fixture with separate on/off knobs.

    Kathy or Cherie....whichever Mayniac posted that...YES, Friday night paaaaarty in the Hill Shower! HAAAAAAYYYY!

    Catie...Thank you very much and I am headed over to your place as soon as I finish this post! :o)

    Suzanne....Thank you so much, but you may need to take some Benadryl to help with your hives...lol!!

    Tracie....Thank you! Tell your family the next time you are in Atlanta, that you need to come to Alabama for a little Physical Therapy...Hey, it would be WATER therapy! LOL

    KBeau...Thank you so much!!!

    Marla...Thank you so much!!!

    Kathy or Cherie....whichever Mayniac posted that...YES, Friday night paaaaarty in the Hill Shower! HAAAAAAYYYY!

    Sue, the mixes should work great! Just use water instead of the milk. The milk may make it tooo moist and it may not come out of the pan in a pretty shape! You have to let me know how it turns out!!

    Kathleen,Smilingsal,Terrie,Kelly, and Kim ...Thank you so much and THANK you so much for visiting! I hope you are able to come back soon!! And Kim, I'm sorry I caused you to break a commandment...that was not my intention! LOL!

    Love ya'll all!!


    Robin ;o)

  15. Barb, I meant to say Hot/Cold knobs....not On/Off knobs!

    Sorry, work was BRUTAL today and my brain is tired!!

  16. Robin - why did you say I definitely need a Bitch in my shower. Aren't I a big enough Bitch? Why would I need two Bitches in my shower?

    What?....hang on - Bill is trying to tell me something......

    *red face* Ohhhhh - BENCH! Nevermind!


    Hey - please go over to "The Hamilton's" blog and ask if she can fix her comment section. I could not comment and I so wanted to thank her for joiing WOYWW and tell her I loved, loved her tile and backsplash, and I bet others did too. What a cute blog. I will feature it on my bloggy soon. :-)

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  18. OMG Barb, I thought I had a MAJOR typo....you scared me to death!!!

    You are such a hoot!!


    Robin :o)

  19. Wow, you could park a tractor in your shower!

    I unfortunately have nothing exciting on my walls because I live in a basement, that isn't even mine, but one day...!!



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