Monday, June 8, 2009

Making the best out of being STOOD UP!

Last week, Jameson and his BFF, Isaiah, made plans for a play date at Mickey D's.

As I listened to their conversation, it honestly sounded like Isaiah was "confirming" the details with his mother.

Both boys were so excited.

So, the day rolls around, with Jameson asking me every 5 seconds....

"Is it 12:00 yet?"

"NO, you have 4 hours before your play date."

"Now is it 12:00?"

"No, it's 3 hours and 59 minutes before your play date."

Well, you get the picture.

12:00 finally rolls around and we make our way to Mickey D's.

We wait.....

and wait.....


No Isaiah.

With every car that rolls in, I hear:

"Oh, there he is! Nooo, that's not him...."

Finally, after 15 minutes of this, we try to make the best out of this bad (and embarrassing for me) situation.

6 y.o. + Mickey D's Kid's Meal + Playground =

Making the best out of a bad situation.

Right off the bat, Jameson sees a couple of brothers who he used to go to daycare with.

Then, he meets another little boy.

And they all proceed to play,

and play,

and play.....

Even though Jameson was "Stood Up" on his play date, he ended up having a great time.

And I learned a very valuable lesson....

ALWAYS talk to the other Mama before showing up for a play date.


  1. Poor Jameson! I'm glad it turned out for the best. I learned this lesson the hard way many moons ago. But cut a kid loose at Micky D's and things are sure to turn out alright! Hugs, Kathy

  2. Oh how I miss playgrounds. Do they even have ball pits anymore??

  3. Oh, this brings back such fond memories of when Cole stayed with me. He loved M-D's playhouse. I had him primarily over the Winter months so this place was a lifesaver. He always made a friend or two or three. One of the favorite things he would say to me (after meeting someone about 2 minutes earlier)..."Grammy, this is my best friend." I have made myself sad. :-(

    I loved these pics and the sheer joy on their faces.

    BTW, do you want me to go beat up that kid's Mama? Huh? I would do it for you, ya' know. No one puts Baby in the corner :-D

    Hugs, Barb

  4. Jamison is a cutie! I'm so glad it turned out well for him. It's so hard to see a child dissapointed about something they were so looking forward to. laurie

  5. Cute pictures. Kids always seem to find a way to have fun anyway.

  6. BLESS HIM!!! Good things he's so outgoing. Our boys rock, don't they!!


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