Sunday, June 28, 2009

Mt. St. Helens reappeared last night......


I shouldn't have been surprised though, because her reappearance had been proceeded by:

Mt. Fuji

Mt. Vesuvius

and Mt. Etna (one of the world's most active volcanoes), who has decided to take up semi-permanent residence on my NOSE!

What is going on here?

I seriously didn't have this much acne when I was a teenager!

I haven't changed anything. No new diet, no new soaps or make-up, no new meds...nothing!

Just a brand new "volcano" popping up every other day or so!


Why do I suddenly have the urge to sneak out of my parent's house and go hang out at the mall?


  1. Funny post. I know it doesn't seem funny to you. Hormones are strange things and they do strange things to our bodies. You're just becoming a teenager again. lol Hope it subsides soon. Hugs, Marty

  2. I'm so sorry for you, but this post is hysterical!! Time for some PRO-ACTIVE?! JK- we tried that for Allie & got nothing! But seriously, if it does continue- go to your dermatologist! They can work miracles! But I'm sure it won't get to that point- are you under abnormal stress?? Hope it clears super quick- remember not to pick!!

  3. sister, when you figure this one out... please let me know!! i have those suckers poppin' up too.. and it sucks! mine are long the jawline though.. weird! so let me know if you find a cure!

  4. You poor thing! But what a hilarious post! I am sure they will stop just as suddenly as they started!
    But in the mean time swing by and pick me up and we will troll for boys at the local mall!! LOL
    **Remember dont touch your face!!

  5. Hopefully Mt Rainier wont pop up tomorrow on your face! :D If you put a hemorhroid cream on the zit when it first appears, it will reduce the redness and swellling... and make it go away faster.. it works!

  6. I like Cherie's suggestion. I've also heard that Preparation H works on puffiness under the eyes.

  7. OMG YOU TOO??? My face is a nightmare!!!!!!!!!! *sobbing*

  8. Hi. I found your blog thru Kelly's home tour carnival, and I was rivetted by the story of your triplets I found when I clicked on Chelsea's picture on the blog. What a story! What a road you've all traveled! I marvel at how small Chelsea started out as, but by the 6 year old photo I had to chuckle because my full term 6 year old is only a little bigger than Chelsea was at that age. (40 pounds, 45 inches) Isn't it amazing how a premie can catch up. (My own sister was a premie, but not as small as your babies). Anyway, just wanted to say hi and let you know that your story was very touching :)

  9. "Get back Jack, I think she's gonna blow!"

    Just when you think getting a bit older carries the plus of having clear skin! Hope today dawned "clearer"...You're way too funny my Alabama Slacker friend!!


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