Friday, June 12, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Fridays-BATHROOMS!

Well, here is another fun week brought to you by Kelly Stamps from Kelly's Korner with Show Us Where You Live Fridays!

This week's theme is BATHROOMS!

Well, bathrooms are a pretty exciting subject for me.

I know, I know....BATHROOMS?

Yes, Bathrooms!

Here is my explanation.....

For the past 20 years, we lived in a house that only had ONE ill-working bathroom. I HATED that stinkin' bathroom! (Oops, no pun intended

No matter how much I cleaned, how often I painted, or how much bleach I used, it NEVER looked good!

When we first moved in, I swear, there was wallpaper with Greek ladies, wearing togas and holding urns on it. Add to that, it had an avocado green sink and toilet, and 1970's peeling, yellow vinyl was a COMPLETE eyesore!

We completely gutted it down to the studs, and made a decent usable bathroom. Nothing spectacular.

The biggest problem, however, was that we only had ONE bathroom!

It was bearable when it was just hubby and I, but after adding a was a NIGHTMARE!

I remember very vividly, one December night when THREE of us (Me, Marty, and Chelsea) ALL got a horrible, horrible stomach the exact same time.

Let me just say, it was NOT a pretty site in that house for a few days!

So, of course the very first thing on the list for our new house was MORE THAN ONE BATHROOM!!

We would have liked to had at least 2 1/2 baths, but it wasn't quite in the budget at the time of building. Eventually, if we are ever able to expand upstairs, we hope to add at least one more.

But for now....two bathrooms have been HEAVEN SENT, especially with having a little boy with the tiniest bladder!

Now that we have two bathrooms, I don't think I could ever go back to one again.

I will start with my kids bathroom. I didn't want it to be to "Kid-like" because it also serves as the guest bathroom. It is very small, but has everything we need.

This is the kid's combo bath/shower. This hasn't been used even once since we moved in. Since I still have to help both kids with their showers, it is much easier to use our big shower. Eventually, I am sure it will be used very frequently. I love the tile work. It came out even better than I imagined. I love the tub, too. It is enameled cast the water will stay warm much longer!

Here is our super-flush toilet and vanity. I specifically asked for a toilet that could suck-down a large bath towel and our wonder plumber obliged!
The vanity matches all of the other cabinetry throughout the house. The sink and faucet also match the other sinks/faucets in the house. (Sorry, I didn't realize that you couldn't really see the sink/faucet in these pictures...but will be the same as our bathroom pics coming up!)

And this is a little piece of art that I found at Ross that I thought would be just perfect for this little bathroom. I am currently repainting some thrift-store frames to hang above the toilet, but as usual, I have been Slacking and haven't quite got them finished yet.

Now on to our bathroom!

This is my vanity....alllllll mine!!! When we were in the building process, we had NO idea my vanity would end up being this big. Not that I am complaining or anything...but if we had realized the finished product would have been this large, we probably would have made it smaller and made the toilet room a little larger. Again, the cabinets match all the cabinets in the rest of the house, as does the sinks and faucets. The mirror came from Hobby Lobby. The only think that I don't LOVE about this area is that the mirror is DIRECTLY across from the shower....

Think about that one.....NOT a pretty visual, is it? LOL

Nothing interesting here....just the backwards-opening door into the toilet! The builder wanted to enlarge the doors as wide as possible, making it almost impossible to open the door to the inside, so we just reversed the door and made it open outward. Not very conventional, but it works very well!

Here is our linen cabinet and hubby's vanity. It's small, but it works for him. This mirror also came from Hobby Lobby.

This is our whirlpool tub that I just HAD to have. I fretted over this baby. I didn't want a seat in it....I just wanted ALL tub. You know, when you are a big ol' gal like myself, you need all the room! But the thing is....I've been in the tub a grand total of TWO times since we've been here. Oh well, those two times were really nice! (We are still working on finishing the trim around the windows, I also have NO IDEA what kind of art to put on these walls!

Yes, our tub is also complete with a television and DVD player! It's nice to have in the mornings so hubby can watch the Weather Channel.

Here's the tub all decked out by my dear sweet hubby. He surprised me with this after I'd had a long, hard day at work! It was REALLY nice! (The best part was he took the kids and left me ALONE to enjoy the bubbles!)

And this is my very, very, very favorite part of our bathroom.....


I {HEART} this shower. I could live in this shower! We spend hours in this shower. This is one of the best investments we made in this house! It is one of the most used things in this house! Our plumber surprised us with the controls that also contain 2 body sprays. IT IS WONDERFUL!!

And here is a close up of our rain head. We love this too! The main thing to look for in a rain head shower head is the ability to adjust the spray. This has an adjustable spray and it makes the stream stronger so you are able to rinse your hair better. The only thing we would change would be to add a second shower head. We plan on doing that in the future.

Well, there they are folks, our bathrooms!

I hope you enjoyed this tour and I hope you enjoy my itty-bitty blog!

Come back to visit anytime!

And don't forget to go to Kelly's Korner and enjoy all of the other wonderful bathrooms!!


  1. My word that is a huge shower!! I am afraid I would hang out in there all day!! I LOVE your vanity! Y'all did a great job!! These rooms are so pretty!

  2. WOW - look at that shower!!!!!! Love your tiles and cabinets - very rich coloring!

  3. What a AWESOME bathroom!!!I am trying hard not to be envious LOL! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I feel like I have been pampered just looking at your master bathroom. LOVE the shower. I grew up in a family of 5 with one bath. Yuck. At least it's just hubs and I for now but soon to add a teen into our mix.

  5. Beautiful bathroom! My hubs wanted a television in our Master Bath . . . I just couldn't do it! Kudos to you though!

  6. your cabinetry and mirrors are beautiful! and i love the shower curtain in the guest bath! i am digging the vessel sinks and faucets also! they are too fun! thanks for sharing! blessings!

  7. I love the tile work. The photo with all the candles has a very tranquil spa feeling. Love the big shower.

  8. Robin, I love your bathrooms, and esp that super sized shower, that could sure make for a fun adult activity! LOL, Did I just write that?? LOL I posted our little half bath pics, unfortunately it is the only bath that is worth sharing! Sue

  9. It's not a bathroom, it's a WATER PARK!!! LOVE it!!!


  10. So I guess you got everything cleaned up for your company, including the bathrooms. LOL! My master toilet door opens out as well. I did it that way on purpose after someone suggested it. The theory is that if someone is in the toilet room and passes out and falls on the floor, if the door opens in you are not likely to be able to open it to get to them (think body in the way). Anyway, that's why mine opens out.

  11. In trying to downsize when we built our current house, a HUGE mistake we made was making our MBR bath too small. We regretted that immediately. we will be remodeling already! I love what you did...especially that shower. Love that. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love your amazing Master bath! Wow! The shower is huge! We have a rain shower head too...yay! Thanks for sharing!

  13. I'm so jealous of your shower and tub! Your bathroom is gorgeous!

  14. Just think about Granny and all her 10 kids trying to use one shower in their house! Now thats scary sounding! That night that all 3 of yall got wasn't after Christmas like 10 years ago and everybody in the entire family got sick too was it? lol

  15. That is one fantastic bathroom & one BIG shower. Lucky you!

  16. So beautiful! I am jealous!!!!!

  17. since i have commented on your amazing baths before.. i am going to comment on the little detail i noticed... the pampering bath the hubby set up.. i noticed the lovely chocolates.. and is that a DIET COKE with them?? LMAO!! that's ok.. not a 'wine' gal myself.. but a good margarita would make that scene just absolutely perfect! xoxo -Tracie

  18. Tracie....YUP! That's a Coke Zero! I haven't had any alcohol in 16 years, so that is my preferred drink of choice! LOL!

    Tell me that's not some redneck, there! LOL!

  19. Ok. After seeing this, I'm too embarrassed to show you my bathroom...LOL Nothing at all exciting about ours. It's tiny and it's blue. That's about it!!

    You might come home one day to find a strange woman taking a bath in your big tub and watching CMT. Just sayin'.

    LOVE your house!!!

  20. Tammy, any time you want to are welcome too....especially since I know you will overlook my messy house! LOL!

  21. robin, got in yesterday late afternoon.. just didn't get online until today to post that we're here, and exhausted..but safe. didn't mean to make sound any worse than it already was. wanna hear a funny.. thought so! my hubby was interviewed by fox tv news while waiting on us to land.. and they showed it on the news last night!! we were dying laughing!! apparently, american airlines had a major cluster-gaggle nationwide. we just got caught up in it! [funny how other airlines seemed to manage without causing the media to get into it! ;)LOL]

  22. I totally {HEART} your huge shower too! It is bigger than our whole master bath! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  23. Oh Robin, what a fabulous bathroom! When you went from one bathroom to THIS bathroom, I bet you were in heaven! I would have been. And that bathtub with the bubbles and all of the candles-how pretty and how sweet of your husband. The entire neighborhood could shower together at your house! Absolutely beautiful. laurie

  24. Three sick people and one john? You deserve every single one of these rooms!! The kids' shower curtain is fantastic! And perhaps your husband can start clinics for others- the taking the kids and leaving you alone was the best part of the story! Oh- your bath is gorgeous, too!

  25. I seriously love both of your bathrooms. We lived with just one toilet for just one year and I never want to do that again. We have 1 1/2 baths now and that works great.

  26. Very nice!

    Pamela your fellow RN in
    NE OH

  27. Your bathroom is gorgeous! You deserve it after living in a house with only 1 for so long!! Yikes! Read your beautiful story about your sweet babies - I've been sitting here with tears going own my face. Your Chelsea is so sweet and what a beautiful smile she has, I'll bet she just lights up a room. How lucky she is to have a mom like you.

  28. GIRL! We had a shower like that at our old house. THEN we moved into this house and the shower is teeny tiny!!! I can't even shower in it b/c it's so small!!! I have to shower in the kids' bathroom {which is a normal shower/tub combo. I'm sooo jealous!!!!

    And the fake baby - have you ever?? I'm still addicted to the AR is still fake blog! haha!

    What is wrong with me?!

  29. Gorgeous bathrooms!!!!
    I love the mirrors - you make me want to switch ours out!


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