Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A New Dress and a GIVEAWAY!

****COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED!***** I will announce the winner of the $25.00 Target Gift Card tomorrow! Thanks for your participation!*****

Yes, this IS still Alabama Slacker Mama!!!
Isn't she pretty?
Uhhh, the BLOG, not Alabama Slacker Mama herself! LOL!

Since I changed the blog a few months ago, some of my bloggie buddies were having a difficult time pulling up the blog.
That's not good!
So, I decided to take the plunge and get a real good makeover.....
A Professional makeover!

While doing some blog hopping over the weekend, I came across a cute blog,
Lambert's Lately,
that I remembered I had DROOLED over while doing the house tours from
Kelly's Korner over the past several weeks.

Leslie, is an Alabama native....
who just graduated from the University of Alabama....
and is about to start her first teaching job this fall....
First grade....
Brave, Brave woman!
Leslie has been doing blog designs to help raise money to fund her classroom.
What a great idea!
She is SUPER QUICK and her prices are unbeatable!
SO, if you are in the market for a new bloggie dress....Leslie is your gal!
Oh and one more thing.....

SO, in honor of my new bloggie dress, I've decided to do another giveaway!!
Since my last giveaway was such a HUGE hit, I thought I would do it again.
This time I am giving away something a little easier to ship.....

A $25.00 Target Gift Card!

I actually have the card in my grubby little paws, and will mail it out the first business day after I get the winner's address.

This contest is open to all of my followers in the United States and Canada (Sorry Terin :o( ) If you don't have a Target in your immediate area and you don't want anything online, I will be glad to swap if for another store that I have access to.

"How do I enter?", you ask?


1. Just leave a comment for ONE entry

2. For a SECOND entry, grab one of my new Bloggie Buttons (in the left-hand column) for your blog, and come back here to tell me about it. (If you don't have a blog, you could Twitter, FaceBook, MySpace, announce over the loud speaker at school...anything, and just leave a comment to let me know)

There will be a maximum of TWO entries per person, just to try to make things fair.

This contest will end at 6:00 PM Saturday Night (July 18th)

I hope you like my new Bloggie dress and GOOD LUCK to all of you!!


  1. Girl, it's gaw-jus!!!! I love it!


  2. Love it!! I had no idea there were people out there that would do that for a fee, I will definitely look into it! And Target who doesnt love that place, please place my name in the pot!! Thanks so much! Sue

  3. There are still some people who have trouble pulling up your blog! Us poor dial up users. It literally takes me 10-15 minutes to pull it up, if at all! Oh, and I'll add a Roll Tide! :)

  4. Sorry Steph!! There's not much I can do about your dial-up! I guess I could remove all the ads, pictures, colors and just have text....would that help?? LOL!

  5. Your new blog dress is just gorgeous. Isn't it fun to get a new dress every once in a while. I have really enjoyed your blog and look forward to many, many more posts. Hugs, Marty

  6. Hey, Robin!

    ROLL TIDE ROLL! coming at you from Tuscaloosa. Love the new blog dress and Alabama Slacker Mama "herself" does look pretty!! :)

    Well you can throw my name in the pot for the maximum 2 entries. I am leaving my comment and I am going to do a little solicitation of my FB peeps and hopefully send some new traffic on over to check out your itty bitty blog.

    Hope Jameson is doing better after getting his finger smashed in the door.

    Vera Spinks

  7. Hey Robin you never cease to amaze me with your talents and loving heart!!Love,Susan

  8. I love Target! Please enter me :)

  9. Count me in!
    Sharn Jean

  10. WOO PIG SOOIE!! GO HOGS! Okay, so it's working this morning - no idea why it would not last night. Count me in. I love Target myself even if I do live in Wal-Mart territory (actually love them both). I'll put something on my blog, Twitter and Facebook as well. Is your blog networked on Facebook? If so, why don't you connect up with Kathy and me. Thanks bunches. Remember Crock Pot Wednesdays beginning August. 5

  11. Yea! for Target! Sure I can find something I need!

  12. Woo Hoo! Target is my closest store!

  13. well who doesn't LOVE target?!! count me in! and when i put on my own new party dress, i'll be sure to add your button. :)

    ps.. you are prettier than your party dress, nice as it is! :D

    cont. blessings,

  14. Your new blog design is beautiful, but I can't give you a r.... t.... r..... Sorry.

  15. Awwwwe, come on can do it...LOL! Just kidding! I couldn't say your's either....LOL!!!

    Gotta LOVE SEC Football!

  16. I love the new look! Very pretty!

  17. I am...I think I should win cause Sat. is my birthday!!!!
    Love beth

  18. YEAH BETH!!! You got it to work!!!!!!!!!


    Robin :o)

  19. Love the new look! Im putting your blog link over in my facebook page..does that get a second chance to win the Target card? huh? Huh? huh? I just LOVE Target!!! :D

  20. OMGosh Robin....LOL I already did this BEFORE you did the give away LMBO!!!!! I guess I was a step ahead of you.

    I think your new dress is GORGEOUS!(Say it like you are from New York) I have a button, and I will let ALL my Face book friends know about my one of my fave bloggers. HUGSSSSSSS

  21. Super classy looking. I love it!

  22. I like the idea of having someone pretty up a blog for me. Nice!

  23. Hey Robin! Good to see that you are doing well. What in the world is a phone triage nurse. I finished nursing in December of 08 and I work in Florida. Hope all is well..
    Pam Dabbs

  24. I <3 Target! Found your blog via MckMama's MckForum. :)

  25. i am new to your blog, and i am so happy to have found you. love it. i also enjoy a fun shopping day at target.


  26. This is the first time I have been to your blog but I'm sure it wont be the last! Cant wait for the crock pot ideas.

  27. Nice layout. Found you from the blogfrog. Love Target! Can't wait to check out the rest of your blog.

  28. Fun! A new blog to read AND a giveaway! And I see you are going to do a CrockPot Wednesday...I did a CrockPot Monday for a while, til I ran out of ideas!!

  29. Wow! I love the new design, the colors are great!

    After my baby is born, I think I may have to get involved with Crockpot Wednesdays on my recipe blog. That sounds like so much fun & I have been getting back into slow cooking in the past few months.

    I am crossing my fingers for this prize, in a few days I will have 3 babes in diapers!

  30. It looks fantastic! Of course, this is my first visit, so . . .but there's a bunch of cool stuff here--Crockpot Wednesdays, here I come!

  31. I just read the back story of your life and especially your amazing triplets. WOW! It is awesome how God used those little angels to bring back His sheep. Your daughter is beautiful and amazing!
    Blessings to you and your family.

  32. Love the new bloggie dress!! too cute!!

  33. Looks great! So adorable & I love Target!