Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Teaching the boy RIGHT!

Well, well, well....this morning really started off interesting. It was the normal, wild, getting-ready-to-go-to-work-in-another-state kind of morning. I put Jameson's boots on while he was still asleep and hubby loaded him into the car, ready for the journey to Nana's house. The ride to Nana's was uneventful, and things were great....well, as great as it can be for 5:45 in the morning.

We get to Nana's house and Jameson begins to tell her all about our school-supply shopping adventure.

Suddenly, Jameson give me "this look" and refuses to talk to me. He won't look at me, he won't smile at me....


The worst part, he wouldn't even tell me "Bye"!

That, my friends, just about KILLED me right then and there.

Jameson and I NEVER, EVER, EVER leave each other without huge amounts of hugs, kisses, and "I love you's"! He often-times follows me out to the car, yelling "Bye! I Love You!", over and over again.

The worst part was, I didn't even know what he was mad about! He did say something about me not buying him a lunch box, but WHY would that make him so mad?

I left to get in my car, all the time looking back over my shoulder, fully expecting to see Jameson running through the door to tell me "BYE!"

But that didn't happen.

He was really letting me leave without as much as a "See you later!"

I cried all the way to work!


I ended up having to work much later than I normally do, so Marty picked him up from Nana's house. I told Marty what had happened that morning, and asked him to see if he could at least figure out why Jameson was so mad at me.

When I got home, I saw Jameson running through the yard and onto the front porch. I sat in the car just a little bit longer to see if he would come running up to me like he always does.

It didn't happen.

So, I went into the house, and saw Jameson run in through the front door, and into his room....never saying a word to me.

About that time, Marty comes around the corner and says to me "It is ALL his idea."

Thirty seconds later, Jameson comes out of his room, holding something behind his back, with a very sad face. He looks at me with tears in his eyes and says "I'm really sorry Mommy, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings." He then hands me a bouquet of flowers (technicolor daisies) and a bag of chocolates. He then told me he wanted to call me all day today, but he thought I would be mad and he was going to be in trouble.

(This picture was taken after hugs, after kisses, and after his nightly shower)

We had a nice, long conversation about the importance of saying "Goodbye's" and all was forgiven. Jameson then helped me put the flowers into the vase and "sampled" the chocolate. He then left to go take a shower.

When he was in the shower, Marty told me that they "talked" on the way home and how devastated Jameson had been all day long. He told Marty that he wanted to do something really "Special" for me. He told Marty that he wanted to do three things:

"I wanna bring her a Coke (Zero), but she will probably already have one"

"I wanna fix her a nice supper, but I don't know how to fix supper"

"SO, I really want to get her some flowers. Daddy, can you take me to get Mama some flowers?"

Marty drove Jameson to the store, but told him "This is 100% you.....you have to do everything. I will hand the lady the money, but you have to pay me back."

Jameson picked out the flowers (can't you tell...lol) and decided to get some chocolates, too. When they got to the register, Marty said the cashier started laughing and wanted to know which one of them had gotten in trouble. Marty told her "For once it's not me....it's this little guy right here." She was very impressed that Marty was teaching him right!

I never did completely understand why he had gotten so upset, but that doesn't really matter. He loves me again......and I am getting more hugs, kisses, and "I Love You's" than I deserve.

Have your little one's ever done something like that?


  1. awwwww, what a sweetie pie....and such a cute story!
    Glad all is well now.

  2. Little boys are a whole new world aren't they?! You just NEVER quite know what to expect!! But I think this kiddo is on the right track for sure!!!!!

  3. Awwww....That was a great read.

  4. What a sweet boy. And Marty is a great dad for understanding his worry and taking him to buy flowers for you! Just one thing, Jameson doesn't love you again, he never stopped loving you! The proof is in the sadness he felt in hurting your feelings. Ya'll are raising a wonderful young man. Hugs, Kathy

  5. awww poor lil guy.. he knew he hurt your feelings, a sure sign he's being raised by great parents!!

  6. ok.. take another look mama... i've made some adjustments! lol ;)
    xoxo -Tracie

  7. awww..Robin, what a sweet story. He's blessed with a tender heart and so are you.

    BTW, thanks for your kind comments on my post tonight!!! Have a good rest of the week.

  8. Oh what a precious little guy he is. I know he probably felt bad all day. Bless his heart. I do know how hurt you were, sometimes they do things and just don't think how much it hurts. Wait until he's a teenager. You'll be luck to get a wave goodbye. lol Thanks for stopping by my TT and leaving such kind and gracious comments. You are always so thoughtful. I really appreciate your visits. Hugs, Marty

  9. Lance needs to talk with Jameson about how to bring a woman flowers and chocolate, lol.

  10. AAAHHH God love that little guy, what a sweetie, of course he loves his mamma!! Sue

  11. GIRRRRRRRRRRRL you've got me crying!!!!!!! That is the most precious thing I've ever read. It breaks my heart that you had to cry on your way to work - cause I've been there. It's hard enough being a working mom - but having to leave on a "sour note" is the worst!

    I am SO incredibly touched by what sweet little J-man did for his mama. The fact that he felt the way he did and wanted to make up for it shows what a fine young man you are raising up! GOOD JOB Mom!

    I like a kid who knows that Diet Coke/Coke Zero makes it all better. :)

    Thanks so much for sharing this - it just brightened my day!!


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