Monday, July 27, 2009

Who needs toys.....

When you've got SPAGHETTI???

Don't you wish YOU had that much fun with your food?


Prayers for Stellan

Most of you out there in Blog-land know Stellan and McMamma at My Charming Kids, but for those of you who don't know about little Stellan, he is a precious 8 month old baby with uncontrolled SVT (in other words, his little heart constantly beats well over 210 beats per minute). He has been in SVT for 3 solid days now, without relief. Since they cannot control his SVT with ANY combination of medications, they have finally decided to fly him to Boston to have a heart ablation. There is a very strong likelihood that this ablation will destroy his heart's AV node, therefore requiring him to be pacemaker-dependent for the rest of his life. Many thoughts and prayers going out to little Stellan, his family, and all that are involved.


Also, don't forget Allie's Butterfly Kisses on August 19th. I know Allie's family appreciates ALL responses that they receive!!

I have been thinking about a couple of "special" things to do for Allie's birthday while we are on vacation within the next few days!


I hope ya'll have a great week!!



  1. Love the "food fun" photo!!
    I knew Princess was growing up when she quit playing with her spaghetti and started cutting it into small bites. *sniff

    Have a wonderful time on your vacation.

  2. i love the food video. brings back such memories of my boys.

    prayers for a safe and fun filled vacation.


  3. you mean we're even timing our vacations?! LMAO.. we've got to stop doing this!! hehe

    on a serious note, i can speak from experience on your little friend's issue. the pacemaker was a God send for our girl.. and although she's completely dependent on hers.. she is thriving well, and latest dr check-up says she has 7-9 more years on this battery! that's much better than was anticipated. so please give his mom & dad my best wishes.. and the hope that all can be ok, even if he has to have the pacemaker.

    oh, and spaghetti is fun at any age! ;)

    blessings, & have a wonderful vacation!!!

  4. I love to play with my spaghetti too! Sometimes....

    I will keept Stellan in my prayers. I cannot imagine what his family is going through!

    Lou Cinda :)

  5. Love the spaghetti and praying for Stellan and his MckFamily.

  6. thank ya, thank ya! love the feedback! so which beach are y'all going to?


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