Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hope to be back soon!

Sorry for the little Bloggie Delay for the last couple of days. We have been dealing with a sick little boy since Sunday. Things started with just a runny nose, and ended with a frantic trip to the doctor with fast, heavy breathing, shortness of breath and retracting.

Fortunately, it wasn't anything serious like pneumonia or the dreaded swine flu (even though he has every stinking symptom except for a super-high fever). A couple of really good prescriptions later, little man is definitely on the mend.

Since we were stuck in the doctor's office most of the morning, when we got out, we were starving! The choices of "good" food in the town our pediatrician's office is in, is very limited...but there is always the "standby"....


Fincher's is just a little hole-in-the-wall place that serves the BEST catfish anywhere around. They also serve BBQ, good ol' country cooking (beans and greens), and ICE CREAM!

My plate....

Marty's Plate...

And Jameson's plate...errrr.....cone....

Now, now, the poor baby couldn't breath too well....I couldn't force him to eat real food could I?

(Notice he still has the doctor's office sucker in his right hand.)

Thankfully, he is feeling much better today, (Thanks Mom!) and we hope he will be able to go back to school by Thursday (gotta keep him home at least one more day).


Oh, and when I got home today.....I got the cutest thing in the mail. I won't show it all to you yet because I want to show you how stinkin' precious all of the packaging is, but I will give you a little "Sneaky Peak" (If that gives you any clue as to WHERE this treat came from).


  1. You got that thing less than 24 hours after I dropped it off! That is quick shipping!

  2. catfish? now i'm hungry!! there is the best little catfish hole-in-the-wall place in andalusia. it is a favorite stop of ours when we're visiting my family, although i do fry up some good catfish myself which i may have to make tomorrow night after reading your blog tonight. the craving has set in. can you believe my husband doesn't like catfish? he's from minnesota and they eat walleye, not catfish. don't know what they're missing do they?

  3. Been a while since I've been to Finchers, but I love good catfish. Hope Jameson is good as new soon.

  4. aww poor baby.. hope he bounces back quickly!
    and i can't wait to see what ya got from Kim!!! i just love her work. :) oh.. and thanks alot for making me miss southern [home] food!! the beans on marty's plate made me miss my mom's pintos!
    xoxo -Tracie

  5. Glad it was nothing too serious and he is on the mend!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  6. We went to Finchers earlier this year right after we met with our house builder one of the first times! At least with Jameson at home, you know he's not getting in trouble at school! lol.

  7. I wondered where you were! Sorry to hear about Jameson- nothing scarier than sick kiddos!! The food looks FABULOUS, and now I'm starving ;-)

  8. You never cease to amaze me with your talents!!(why couldn't I have gotten that smart Camp gene why? why? lol.
    Your house looking awesome I love the creations on your front porch and the ghost in the yard! Please, and the beautiful art projects you have done in your bedroom! I would love for you to come and tell me what to do in my house! Love you,Susan

  9. Susan, you are so sweet! But, I want you to know, the "dancing ghosts" are not my design....it's one I found online that's in my inspiration file. I did do the pumpkins, however.


    Robin :o)


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