Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Tip Thursday!

My buddy Jenny from Zack's Gang, has decided to have a fun and useful blog carnival called Top Tip Thursday.

You see, Mrs. Jenny is a Mama, but not only a Mama, but a Mama of SEVEN kids.


AND, the unbelievable part....her house is ALWAYS beautifully neat and clean.

She makes me feel SO!

But seriously, in the few months that I have "known" Jenny, I have just been AMAZED at how organized (and huge and gorgeous) her household is. I guess with 9 people living under one roof, things have to be organized.

Jenny could really make some money by organizing homes.....I've been begging her to come organize my life, but no such luck.


Jenny is always looking for new ideas to help simplify her life, so she decided to start Top Tip Thursday to see what neat and clever ideas others may have.

Well MY Top Tip for this Thursday really isn't a TIP, it's a product.....

A product that my household is NEVER, EVER without.....

Shout Color Catchers

These little suckers are miracles in a box.

Well, not really miracles, but man they have definitely saved many, many, many of my clothes!

What Color Catchers do is absorb all of the dye from your clothes that floats around in the water in your washing machine. By doing this, all that extra dye does not redeposit on your other clothes.

When your favorite college team is Alabama (ROLL TIDE) and their colors are crimson and white, your High School Team (GO LIONS) colors are red, white, and gray, and your family just looks so darn good in really have to be careful while trying to wash all those clothes. The whites turn pink and the reds look splotchy. It's enough to make you want to hand-wash each and every item of clothes in cold water.

Who has time for THAT? Not this Slacker Mama, that's for sure!

With Shout Color catchers, you just load your machine....

Here is what they look like out of the box. It's almost like a really thick fabric softener sheet.

Throw it on top of the clothes.

And then wash as usual!

This is what it looks like after washing...

And this was on a load of clothes that had been washed MANY times. Imagine what it would look like if you threw one in while washing something brand new!

I do recommend using two sheets if you are washing something brand new with other clothes, OR if you are washing several red things that have white trim on them. I also don't recommend throwing your brand new red sweater in your load of white towels.

I'm not THAT brave.

Since I've been using them, I've not had ONE thing fade on another. They are fantastic!

(Oh, and in the spirit of the "Blog with Integrity" pledge, I did NOT receive anything from Shout to promote their product. In fact, I am pretty sure that the people of Shout have no idea that I exist. This is just a product that I use and I believe in.)

So, now that I've shown you MY favorite Top Tip, head on over to Zach's Gang and see what great tips everyone else has come up with!


And speaking of Jenny....she left a comment on the last post saying something about somebody having a birthday yesterday and wondering why that somebody didn't blog about it yesterday....

Well, yeah, now I...errrr...somebody has blogged about it....

Now somebody wants to forget all about it.

Ha Ha!


  1. Robin- you're a doll! Awesome post and thanks so much! I wanted to let you know that I got the linky up and running- about 2 minutes after I posted that I couldn't do it!!! If you head back over you can enter your great post! Thanks so much for helping me out- not to mention the "tip" ;-)

  2. BTW- you're ONLY as old as you LOOK, and YOU don't LOOK a day over 30- REALLY!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks! I feel like I'm 60 though....does that count??? LOL!

  4. I've wondered if these things work - burnt orange doesn't do alot for you other clothes either lol. And Happy Birthday to you! You share a birthday with Marty at A Stroll Through Life! Late birthday hugs, Kathy (PS, I'm turning you + 10 this year, hey I figure getting older is better than the alternative, right?)

  5. I've always wondered about those things! Now I'll have to try them! Thanks!

  6. well first off..
    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! don't be upset about the number.. trust me, i hit that one last oct.. and i'm still the crazy 'young' at heart i've always been! teehee

    thanks for the tip too! our red is razorback red... and stebbin's red now that bryan just started HS this morning.. so those little things will come in handy!!

    continued blessings!

  7. Soungs like a super product. I have never even heard of it. I really will pay attention in the store and see if I can find them. Thanks for sharing and Happy Birthday. Hugs, Marty

  8. Those Shout Color Catchers really ARE the best! I've been using them for quite a while, and they've saved many clothes from the darker colors ruining them.
    BTW...dont worry about turning 40, it's not that bad...just remember... I'll always be 4 years older than you. Now, doesnt that make ya feel better? LOL! =)

  9. You'd better not speak too soon about the people of Shout not knowing you exist. After blogging about Cycles Gladiator wine a couple of days ago, today I find a comment on my blog from the marketing director of Hahn Family Wines. And another comment on another post from someone with So you never know who's reading.

  10. Wow Kathy! That would be cool if they did say something! I actually have THREE boxes here right now so I don't run out! HAHA!

  11. I've never tried these. Thanks for the tip. Belated Happy Birthday. laurie

  12. Hi Robin HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I figure if 50 is the new 30, then 40 MUST be the new 20! I have had more fun in life since I turned 40, so get ready for even more fun!

    BTW... I just love reading your blog. It has made me laugh and it has made me cry... thank you so much for sharing all that you are!

    Annie in Arizona

  13. GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRL - I can't live without Color Catchers!! I use those things like they're going out of style!! LOL

    I'm telling you - we are SO MUCH ALIKE!! :)


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