Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fall Decorating.....CHECK!

Well, finished for NOW.

Since I put myself out there, for all of blog-land to see, and posted that I lacked motivation to finish my fall decor.....I got on the stick and tried to complete it this weekend.

I did it all JUST FOR YOU.....

and YOU.....

and YOU!

I would have NEVER got this much done without all of you!

I'm still not 100% satisfied with everything, but any additional decor will have to wait on finances.

Decorating can get a tad bit EXPENSIVE!

Who knew that ELEVEN pumpkins could cost so much?

I mean, shouldn't they cost like $0.50 or something?


I actually wanted to use the fake foam pumpkins, so that I could reuse them year after year....but those suckers cost $23.00 EACH at Hobby Lobby!!! There's no way I'm paying that much for them!

I was able to find some cute little things at the Dollar Tree, and I bought smaller plants at Lowes with the hopes that they will eventually grow into their!

Anything to save a few dollars!

So, I guess you want to see the finished product, Huh?

Well OK, since you asked me so nicely....

You see the "cute" little surprise at the bottom?

I'm trying to get the wrinkles to "shake" out of the table cloth.

We are waiting to decorate the little dude on the right until closer to Halloween....once the pumpkin's skin is punctured, it rots within days in this warm climate.

He see my little surprise.....

I painted these...I was tickled how well they turned out.

I can't wait until we are able to put the stacked stone on the foundation and get the porch steps and landscaping completed. That will take a few years, though.

Well folks, there it fall holiday decor.

Thank you all for giving me the swift kick in the bootie that I needed to actually finish it! LOL!

I can't wait to see what y'all come up with...I need more ideas!


  1. Oh I LOVE all of your decorations. YOur wreath is so cute and all the flowers and pots are gorgeous. I love the painted pumpkins too. Your porch just looks so inviting. Everything is just lovely. Now I need to really do something, mine looks soooooo sad. Thanks for the inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  2. Robin, I would say, YOU GO GIRL, but heck you already did! Good for you, I absolutely love the white painted BOO pumpkins, very clever! Happy Fall! Have a great week, Sue

  3. So cute! I'm leaving an award for you on my Crock Pot Wednesday post this week. Come collect it.

  4. Hi Robin, love the BOO pumpkins too! Happy Fall!

  5. I want your porch!!! I'm breaking a commandment because I know "thou shalt not covent they cyber friend's porch" is definitely one.

    It looks awesome. Thanks so much for sharing what you've done. I love the BOO pumpkins right along with everyone else.

  6. Oops...see! I was drooling so bad over your porch I meant to type covet instead of covent.

  7. Looks great! I hope we get moved in in time to decorate my porch for fall! You know the only thing thats missing is some corn stalks and some cotton stalks!! In a couple of weeks we should have some really pretty cotton and the corn is basically ready now, come on up and get some! :)

  8. I thought I was doing pretty good with some cornstalks, pumpkins, and mums, but, girl, you have me BEAT!

    PS~It looks great! I want to make some of my own BOO pumpkins now!

  9. Wow Robin, once you get going, you really get going! This looks fantastic. I love the little pumpkin head man, but my favorite are the Boo pumpkins! They really came out great! You should be really proud of the way this all came out, and I bet the kids love it too. Hope you have a great week. Kathy

  10. Love the BOO pumpkins! And the vignette by the door is too cute! :) ~Rhonda

  11. I love your decorations. do you think you can fit in a trip to seattle and come do my porch?

    your porch looks so very cute.

    blessing, mari

  12. It looks great. Isn't it crazy how much those 'fake' pumpkins are?!?!!

  13. great job girlie!! i especially love the BOO! pumpkins!!! :D

  14. Your porch looks great and I love the painted pumpkins....GREAT JOB!!!

  15. How cool is that! Boo pumpkins! My you DID put a lot of time and effort and it looks amazing! Can't wait to see them carved before Halloween.
    Cute porch!! And glad to see that the pumpkins are the ONLY o.r.a.n.g.e. thingamajigs around your home! :)

  16. Love the decorations! Love the white painted pumpkins! and the wreath on your door- everything is sooo creative, down to the "surprise friends" in the pots!! LOVE it!

  17. And I'm just getting started on my porch :( You know, busy with the new baby and finally home to play catch up. Love those boo pumpkins and I have the same chairs but I don't think my porch will look as nice as yours. Unveiling later this week.

  18. looks great! I am working on mine. Chris's parents bought Tucker an 84lb. pumpkin when we were in TN, so that is going to be a feature!!

  19. Looks like a professional job! The black pumpkins are very cool; i might try a reverse monoigram on one. Great job!

  20. I'm getting caught up on my blog reading tonight. LOVE the painted pumpkins. They really did turn out great! I think this year I will let my boys paint faces on the pumpkins instead of all the messy, rotten yuckiness, ha! Wonder if they will go for it? Hmm...

  21. stopping by from Kelly's your decor! My fave is the painted "BOO" pumpkins!
    Thanks for sharing!

  22. O.M.G your porch is my favorite! Everything about it is just wonderful. The black rockers, the pumpkin topiary, the white "boo" pumpkins. Sigh I'm in love. Great job - thanks for sharing!

  23. LOVE your front porch!!! Thanks for sharing your Halloween decorations with us. This was my first time to your blog! LOVE it!


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