Saturday, October 10, 2009

Well, I had to make it up to him somehow.

Well, I was feeling a little guilty today, you know, for the flu shot thing, so I thought I would make him a little treat.

He loves cookies, and he loves icing, so I thought I would make some "cookie sandwiches."

To make cookie sandwiches, you can use any kind of cookie mix, refrigerated cookie dough, or even cake mix. I used "Funfetti" cake mix to make these cookies.

The great thing about this particular brand of cake mix is that "cookie" instructions are right on the box!

All you need is (for this particular mix):

-One Box of Funfetti cake mix
-Two large eggs
-1/3 cup oil (I used vegetable oil)

-One container of Funfetti icing with sprinkles
-One capful of vanilla extract (not shown)

First, I put the first three ingredients in a bowl.

Next, I mixed all three ingredients with my mixer. I probably could (and should) have done this step by hand, but I {heart} my Kitchen Aid mixer, and I use it whenever I get a chance.

The consistency is thick enough that it will stick together without any problems.

I line two cookie sheets with parchment paper....that's because I am a slacker and I HATE to scrub my cookie sheets. Then, I scoop about a quarter-sized amount of cookie dough into my hands and roll it into a ball and put it on the parchment paper. I continue until all the dough is gone...except for the few bites that somehow ended up in my mouth....I ain't skeered of no raw eggs!

Now, this is an important part.....put both cookie sheets in the refrigerator for 15 minutes! The warmth of your hands can make the dough too soft and they will spread into a HUGE mess while baking. This is especially important if you are using the cookie mixes that require butter in the mix.

Take the cooled dough out of the refrigerator and place in a 375 degree oven (per package directions) for 6-8 minutes.

I felt like the cookies were not done enough after six minutes and left them in another two. I've never used this brand before to make cookies, so I was afraid to leave them in longer than eight minutes, but they really could have stood another one or two more minutes in the oven.

Allow the cookies to completely cool.

Because they are made from cake dough, the cracks on the tops are normal. Most specific "cookie" doughs shouldn't do this.

Once the cookies are cooled, break out your vanilla/funfetti icing. Before you use the icing, mix in one capful of pure vanilla extract to for a more "homemade" flavor (Idea stolen borrowed from Sandra Lee).

Then slather a generous amount of icing onto the flat side of a cookie.

Trust me, you want to be very generous with the icing. You will have enough...I still have about 1/3 of the container left!

Next, cover the icing with a similar-sized cookie.


Let some of the icing spill out from between the cookies.

Why? You may ask.

So you can then roll them around in the funfetti sprinkles!

I don't think I used quite enough icing, but it still worked out OK.

Put back in the refrigerator for a few minutes to firm the icing up and serve!

Jameson LOVED them (as did Chelsea and myself).

We only have a few left! ;o)

I think the next one's I make will be chocolate chip cookies with chocolate icing!



  1. One word---YUMMY!
    Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to make these with my four girl's! Cute blog, I am now a new follower!

    Happy Fall! ~Liz~

  2. Cookies look great but I have to say that your fridge and oven are a little bit too clean :) You are putting the rest of us to shame.

  3. 1 - I heart my KitchenAid mixer, too. In fact, when hubby and I went to do our wedding registry before getting married, I insisted that be the first thing we scanned, and I did a happy dance when I saw that it had been purchased from the registry. :)

    2 - I'm an eater of cookie dough, too. Raw, it's a worthwhile risk.

    3 - Those look delicious, and so fun! I'm thinking I'll be making those soon.

    Oh, and 4 - Also from Sandra Lee, you can add the cap of vanilla to Cool Whip, too - for the same reason. :)

  4. Welcome Liz!!!!

    Marla, you are too go put your glasses!

    Ami, it took me 19 years of marriage before I finally got my KitchenAid! I LOVE this thing!!

  5. Oh, they look soooooooo good. I will have to try these for my great=grandson. He would love them.. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  6. well my friend i'll be stealing this cookie idea pretty soon, they look delish!!...
    have a great weekend..xx


  7. mmmm...have any left?? I'll be right over.

  8. both kiddos are doing fine. dr said it was nothing more than the 'crud', and not to worry. bryan's pain was from an apparent pulled muscle, from all the coughing. they both woke up this morning, feeling much better. came home from the PBR, and he was running a fever again... guess it's gonna linger a bit. :/ thanks so much for your prayers!!

    Gretchen was AMAZING!!! will post the video tomorrow!

  9. Ahhhhhhhh first that amazing sinfully delicious cake recipe now THIS? You're making me fat. Heehee

  10. MMmmmMMMmmmm!!!! They look soooo yumyy! Now I want to bake something too! Since it's almost 10pm, I'll have to wait unitl tomorrow to make Ghiradelli Chocolate Chip Brownies!!!

  11. Those look very yummy! I just may have to try them!

  12. I have ALWAYS wanted to try those! We made oreo balls yesterday, and boy do they disappear quickly!

  13. I think you are TOTALLY forgiven for the flu shot!!! These look as pretty as they were delish!!

    An FYI on my door. I had priced these things and they were anywhere from $800 to $1200 which of course was outrageous! Steve found mine at Remodelers Outlet in Anniston for $200. SHUT UP!! The hardware was another $120 so, for $320 I got the door I have wanted FOREVER!!

    Have a great week Robin!!

    Lou Cinda :)

  14. Those look yummy. You're such a good mom!

  15. thanks for dropping in to see my girl's singing at the PBR event! yes, chills up & down our spines too! it was such a moving moment.. she was so inspired by the emotional tribute to the troops, just a beautiful and proud moment. being a military family, we couldn't help but be proud!!

    have a wonderful week sweetie!!

  16. Yumm! These look so good, thanks so much for sharing!

  17. So, when I get my flu shots, will you bake me some cookies? Those looked really yummy!

  18. So neat! I can't wait to make these for the boys!

  19. Are there still any left?


  20. Those are almost too pretty too eat. Almost. I'd still eat way too many!

    My daughter is going to owe you a HUGE thank you when I make these for her!

  21. Can't wait to try this they look great.


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