Sunday, November 29, 2009

It's UP!

As I was looking though my very first posts, almost an entire year ago, one of the main things that motivated me to start this blog was my inability to finish anything I started. One of my very first posts showed my just-finished Christmas tree on December 23rd!

Last year, I was determined NOT to let that happen again. So, this year, our tree was out of the attic and up in the living room the Sunday before Thanksgiving!

I've NEVER, EVER, EVER in my life had my tree up before Thanksgiving! But this year, I wanted to be sure to get my decorating completed LONG before Christmas came.

Even though the tree was up, it still wasn't decorated.

Monday was filled with going out on a date with my hottie-hubbie and actually getting to see a grown-up movie for the first time in THREE years.

Tuesday and Wednesday was completely filled with work, work, and more work.

(Oh, and I did I mention that I actually got CUSSED-OUT by a patient on Tuesday? Not the way I wanted to spend my Thanksgiving week...let me tell ya!)

Thursday was filled with food, family, and fun!

I finally got a picture of my sister, Diane. She does such a great job every year making sure everyone has a great time. In this picture, she is doing crafts with the kids. And if you look in the background, you will see Laura and Selena going through the sales papers.

Selena and Laura

The cutest baby in the world, Bryson.

My sister's MIL, "Aunt Dot". We are so blessed to have her still with us.

My cutie-pie niece, Jessie.

The spread at my mother-in-law's house....YUMMY!

My super-talented sister-in-law's (Candie) soon-to-be new house!

Chelsea freezing to death while looking at the house.

And Friday was filled with SHOPPING! However, I did wait until the super-late time of 9:30 am before I ventured out into the craziness! No crazy mad rushes for this chick!

Oh, and that afternoon was filled with a little old ALABAMA football game, too!


So, yesterday, I was tired of staring at the unfinished tree and decided to get to work. Thankfully, my hubby was my swift-kick-in-the-pants I needed to make me stick to the task at hand. When I was ready to stop, he was there *gently nudging me to finish.

*handing me ball after ball, asking repeatedly "Are you done adding the green?" "Are you using the silver balls?" "There's a bald spot, what do you want to put there?"

After a couple of hours, we were finished! Here is the result....

(Yes, it does look a LOT like last year's tree, but I swear it's

At least THAT part is done, now I wonder how long it will take me to finish the front porch?


Maybe that will be finished before December 23rd....


  1. Your tree is beautiful. I know what you mean about finishing things because I have a problem with that also. I have found that it has gotten worse as I have gotten older. Thank God I have a patient husband.


  2. Wow, you are one motivated lady! I still have some Halloween things to put away:( Your tree is beautiful by the way:)

  3. I looks wonderful! :) I finished my family room tree but no pics yet. I hope to snap some tomorrow evening and get them posted. I did get my village up today and I have to get out my nutcracker and Santa collections. Plus other odds and ends. Can't wait to see your porch! :)

  4. Okay, that should read "IT looks wonderful!" Sheesh! I sure wish my fingers could keep up with my mind!

  5. Tree is beautiful! Can't wait to see the rest of the decorations.

  6. Your tree is beautiful! It looks so it came out of a magazine! You did a great job!

  7. First off... Roll Tide Baby!! Yeah!!! Second... your tree is very pretty. Glad you got it up early this year.

  8. My tree was up before Thanksgiving too, but only because my mom came and got it out. She didn't want be dragging it out by myself! We decided to buy the shatterproof balls this year. We will probably needs those for the next several years....

  9. Oh, It's sooo pretty. You have got to do the front porch now....I can't wait to see it.

  10. great job girlie!! :D you're so way ahead of the curve! i haven't even thought about getting my tree from storage :/

  11. Very pretty tree! I hope to get our Christmas things out of the attic this weekend. :)

  12. thanks robin! i think we're calm because we knew it was coming.. and she's in amazing hands! the ball is officially rolling!!! :D

    so happy you got your necklace! figured if you hadn't.. you'd sent the posse after me! ;) so glad you like it!!!

  13. awh, your tree is beautiful, I love it... :)

  14. Robin, Your tree is gorgeous! WOW, a real beauty! I used to put up a large, 11 footer, but now I am happy with my 4 skinny, 4-6 footers, but this kind of makes me rethink that! I also have a problem with finishing a project, I blame it on my Adult ADD, unofficially diagnosed of course, lol! Thanks for sharing, cant wait to see what else you do! Sue

  15. Beautiful tree Robin! Are joining the Nester's Christmas blog party?
    You should show off that fab tree!

  16. I LOVE your Christmas Tree!

    Sooo gorgeous & the colors look sooo beautiful together!!!

    Merry Christmas!


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