Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Ornament How-To

Since my last post was so long, I thought I would do a "How-to" in a separate post.

This Christmas ornaments are so cute and so easy....it just takes a little time to do a large number of them.

I will definitely be making them again....if not for everyone else, for my own tree! I have been so busy making for everyone else, I only have one on my tree...lol!

I bought this book of scrapbook paper last year after Christmas at 60% off. The paper in here is cardstock and even has glitter on a lot of the pages. This is by far my favorite papers I had. Regular scrapbook paper is easier to curl, but the cardstock holds it shape better. I used a combination of both in all my balls.

Here is just some regular scrapbook paper I bought.

Cut each sheet of paper in thin strips. They all don't have to be the same size, but you don't want them too large, or they will be too big to go in the balls.

This is a quilling tool. It has a tiny little slot in the top. You slide your strip of paper in this slot to help hold it secure while you tightly twirl the paper. I found this one at Hobby Lobby in the Scrapbook section. I looked in Micheal's, but they didn't have any tools. You don't have to have a quilling tool to do this....it looks just as good if you do it by hand. I already had a tool, and I needed to make a HUGE amount, so if was almost a necessity I use one.

It was only $3.99 before I used my 40% off Hobby Lobby coupon, so splurge on one...your fingers will thank you!

Slide the paper in the slot.

Don't 'cha just love my beautifully manicured hands?

Don't answer that....

Start tightly wrapping the paper round-and-round.

When you are finished, remove the quilling tool, and this is what the paper will look like.

Once you release the paper, it will spring open like this.

Make lots and lots of curls...

Next, take your glass balls and start stuffing!

You have to twist them back up pretty tightly to get them to fit inside the balls, but once they fall in, they open back up.

Use a variety of colors and patterns if you have them. That's one reason I LOVED using that book of scrapbook papers. They all are different, but have the same color palate in all the papers.

Get the ball really full, and put the top back on.

I used these sticker monograms. They did pucker some on the round balls, but they worked OK.

Now drag out your bag of ribbon and try to find something in there that matches all of your papers.

This one is cute, but it needs more.

THAT'S more like it!

Now it's ready to hang on the tree or to give as a gift.

I hope you enjoyed this little craft project!

I also wanted to wish everyone a great Christmas week!


  1. Oh my goodness- I LOVE this idea! I'm going to have to figure out a way to copy all of this so I can do it next year!! It would be fun to do a whole bunch- so clever! Thanks for the fabulous idea!!!

  2. I love that idea!! I will be stealing it to use next year:) I may even buy everything this year after Christmas, and make them year round, that way, by the time Christmas comes I will be done:) Wishful thinking I know:)

  3. Love it! Thank you for explaining it so well with pictures...I will definitely be doing this next year. I love your blog too!

  4. really cute idea! :D

  5. Robin:

    I really like this idea....great use also of scrap paper and I have lots of that...I keep everything hoping to find a use for it. LOL

    Hope you guys have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


  6. Very cute! I will be making these.

  7. Love them! Thanks for posting the photos, they're really cute! I need to make some for my tree too. Merry Christmas everyone!

  8. ADORable idea! Love love love it and can't wait to steal, er, borrow this idea for next year!

  9. Such a cute idea!! Great use of all those scraps of paper too! I'm your newest follower...come check out my blog when you have a chance :-)
    Shantel @


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