Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mr. Spann....I hope you are right!

For those of you who don't live in Alabama, Mr. Spann is this man...

(Photo from ABC 33/40)

James Spann....Meteorologist Extraordinaire.

James is THE weather guru for our state.

The Weather Channel would be lucky to have someone as talented as Mr. Spann.

Well, for the past week, James has predicted THIS for this small southern town...


Milk and bread have been FLYING off the shelves!


A little side note here.....WHY do us Southerners buy up things like milk, bread and eggs when bad weather is predicted?

I mean, if we have snow, the power is going to go off. If there is a hurricane, the power is going to go off. If there is a tornado, the power is going to go off.

What are we going to do with MILK, EGGS, and BREAD if the power goes off? Make french toast on the grill?

(joke stolen from compliments of

Now MY idea of ideal storm foods are as follows...

Reese's Cups (Multi packs are a MUST)

Little Debbie Cakes (Large assortment is the best)

Hot Dogs and Pork Chops (To cook on the grill if the power stays off too long)

Potato Chips (An assortment works well here, too)

Coke Zero (Two cases may be enough, so maybe I should buy three)

(Photos from Google Images)

So, if anyone runs out of food, or is sick of grilled french toast, come on over, I'll take good care of!


ANYWAY......Mr. James Spann has predicted that our tiny little town, along with most of the rest of the state, may possibly get some snow tomorrow afternoon. It started off as maybe 2 or 3 inches, then decreased to 1-2 inches, then some rumors of "a dusting", and then some "other" weatherman suggested we aren't going to get anything at all.

I'm telling you now, that if we DON'T get any snow tomorrow afternoon, a little boy named Jameson, is going to have a COME-APART.

If you don't know what a COME-APART is, let's just say that it starts like this.....

and gets WORSE from there.

For the sake of this little boy (and his parents who have to live in the same house as him), please be right Mr. Spann!


  1. I will gladly send you some of our snow! There is no bread left in our stores either.

  2. He's the main weather man, he's the mighty James Spann!

  3. Fingers crossed!!! I love Mr. Spann!

  4. Kim, now I have that song stuck in my!

  5. Casey, you know how long it took me to figure out who you! How is that precious little bundle of joy doing? I want to see some new pictures!!!

  6. That's right we better get snow! They cancelled school for this! I do hope we get at least 2 daughter would love that. That pic of Jameson is too cute...for his sake and yours I hope we get snow!

  7. Hoping you gets lots of snow. How do you al do driving in it?

  8. Mari, we don't drive in it. The entire state literally shuts down! Seriously! It's the funniest thing ever.

    Oh, and I still have your book....I promise after this "blizzard" will get it out to you!

    Sorry it is taking me this long!

  9. Robin, Robin, Robin! You forgot the other white staple that we buy here in this great state. Toilet paper! We go all white for the white stuff, ha! I hope Jameson gets enough to play in, but let's pray that it is gone when he has had ample time to play! Because let's face it, Alabama does not have the resources to handle snow!

  10. awww that pic is so adorable! for Jameson's sake, i hope he gets a little snow.. but i really really hope it doesn't start til we're out of town! [heading to orlando late afternoon]
    stay warm & safe!!

  11. This is too funny Robin, it's the same way here. My favorite meteorologist has started using the phrase "winter precipitation" to try and avoid the panic. Hasn't worked. A friend had to go to the grocery store last night (not because of the weather but because she just needed to go grocery shopping) She said it was a zoo and the shelves were bare. I hope you get snow if that's what you want. I personally would be happy if we never got any of the white stuff again lol. Kathy

  12. We have snow and I have a pretty well-stocked pantry at the moment, but somehow I forgot the Reese's cups. Think we'll survive without them? 'Cause we have lots more snow coming today and through the weekend!

  13. Hope you see the white stuff!!! Enjoy!
    If not, at least you've got snacks for a few days! ;)


  14. It is not much better here in Atlanta as everyone is in the panic mode and since I am originally from the NE I think it is all so funny. My teacher daughter was praying for no school today. She is worse then the students and they had a big meeting about possibly closing the schools early but I saw on TV this AM that is not an option at her school so she must be just as upset as her students. Only the parents are happy that the kids have to stay in school:) I bet the dairy and bread makers are happy that sales are up 100% today:) I like your idea of stocking up on chocolate.

  15. He lives just a few houses down from me!

  16. Robin!

    I like your idea of snow shopping! We were snowed in today in Nashville by a dusting and we baked a chocolate cake and had dips for dinner in honor of the football game. Forget milk, eggs and bread! Let's eat junk food!

  17. I soo think your emergency rations are MUCH. MUCH better than what the experts suggest. Don't you just LOVE the dill flavored potato chips?


  18. I remember when I was in grade school and Mr. Spann came to visit. too many mornings I woke up hopeful to see the glorious snow on the ground {after mom had spent glorious time at Food World getting our Milk, bread and peanut butter} and alas there would be NONE!! Although most of the snow we did get was already around the middle of January which was my b'day. so it was a wonderful gift when it did come! Sorry you didn't get much this time... we don't get any here... but I like that just fine!!


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