Sunday, January 3, 2010

We are in BIG trouble!

You see THIS room right here?

This room is going to get me in BIG trouble in the next couple of days!

You want to know why?

Now get your mind out of the's not for THAT reason!

(Even though that would be fun....**wink, wink**)

Hubby and I, and the kids, have been off work and school for the past TWO weeks.


Two weeks with no schedules, no homework, no rushing around trying to get everything done.

Two weeks of staying up late, playing online, watching movies, sleeping in, wearing our jammies all day, and best of all....


It has been one of the most restful, relaxing, enjoyable two weeks for our family in, well, forever.

But this week brings the return of school, work, schedules, homework, and alarms.

NONE of us are looking forward to that!

That was very evident this morning when we accidentally did something that we've NEVER done before.....

We overslept and missed Sunday School at Church!

And not only that, when we realized what we did, we called my mother to let her know that we wouldn't be there until Worship Service, and then.....

WE FELL BACK ASLEEP and didn't wake up until 45 minutes before Worship Service started!

Talk about a mad rush to get ready this morning!

Thank goodness we only live about 3 minutes from our Church, so we made it in about two minutes before services started.


Blast you bed for being so comfortable!

This is going to be a LONG week.....


  1. yes, 1/04/10 will be a rude awakening (literally!) for many of us! It hurts to get back on schedule, but I am ready for the order of it!!!

    Good you need me to call you with a wake up call???? LOL........

  2. Should I not mention that I was early for church today? hehehe.

  3. Oh how I do remember all those times and all the alarms. Now that I am retired, I don't think I could do that all over again. Good luck and better get to bed early tonight. lol Hugs, Marty

  4. I can't imagine having 2 full weeks with no schedule and no alarm! How wonderful! But I know what you mean, tomorrow is going to be a bear, and I was only off for 3 days. Good luck to you and the kiddos! Kathy (btw, thanks for the visit. Don't think there's much chance of a kid learning about guns "in the streets" here, unless it's a Red Rider BB Gun lol)

  5. I know what you're saying. Today I slept until almost 8 which is crazy for someone who's always up by 6! Why can't vacation just go on forever. Good luck tomorrow! And cute blog, bTW! I signed up as a follower!

  6. I LOATHE the thought of that blasted alarm going off in the morning! :( I feel your pain.

  7. I have not missed that alarm clock! We slept 'till noon today, and it was wonderful!

  8. Beautiful Bedroom! And I'm with you....I do NOT miss my alarm clock. :) ANd God will forgive you for missing Church...:)

  9. I'm sooooo ready for a routine again. I tend to procrastinate about waayyy too many things when my girls are home to distract me.

  10. ugh! I know just what you mean. Everything in me is fighting it tooth and nail, but go to work I must. I have really had the whole month of December off if truth is told. The kids arrived on the 19th, but since Thanksgiving I was decorating and shopping so not a lot of work was really accomplished. I will pay ofr it all this week though. catch up is H#LL. :-D
    Hope your week is a fairly smooth one. Talk to you soon, my friend. Hugs, Barb

  11. Robin, We've been doing the same thing here. DH has been home for 2 weeks and goes back tomorrow and I go back to school on Tuesday. We have been so lazy and sleeping in way too long because we stay up way to late watching movies and playing on laptops. Yesterday I set my alarm so I would get up at 7:30 and do my YOGA--I turned off the alarm with every intention of getting up and woke up at 12noon!! I'm not a teenager, and I cannot sleep away my day like this LOL

    I was worried we'd miss church this morning, but we made it on time.

    I looking forward to getting back on a schedule.


  12. Love your bedroom and always enjoy my stops at your blog...

  13. Sorry you guys over slept, but that room is gorgeous!!! You did a wonderful job decorating, so good, that I may have to steal some of those ideas!!

  14. It is great to have a comfortable bed....most days!

  15. awww Robin you always bring a smile to my face, thanks for the visit.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!i hope santa was good to you all and i also hope you had a great new years.
    i know what u r talking about cause this morning when the alarm went off i wanted to ##@$#%$,LOL..
    its back to normal over here too my friend, nothing like sleeping in eh!!!
    hope this 2010 brings you joy, health and happiness..i love you and ttys..xoxo

  16. I always think of the scripture that states "This too shall pass",we usually think of just in bad times but it is true all the time!Love,Susan


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