Thursday, February 25, 2010

Goodbye Ol' Brownie.

This is a post about something that has bugged us and bothered this family for the past 6 years....

Jameson's ugly front tooth....

UNAffectionately known as "Ol' Brownie".

Jameson fell when he was a baby, and hit his mouth on the television and knocked it loose.  The dentist told us that it would probably stay put, but it would get UGLY...

and BOY did it ever get ugly!

When Jameson started loosing his baby teeth, we just assumed that "Ol' Brownie" would be the first to go...


He's lost EVERY STINKIN' front and side tooth, top and bottom, except for that one.

The dentist kept telling us it would come out when it was ready, but it never did.

Finally, the "grown-up" tooth started coming in behind Ol' Brownie, and the dentist said that it had to go.

They sent us home with instructions to "work on the tooth", but if we couldn't get it out, they would pull it.

We worked and pulled and twisted and yanked....


We messed with it for 6 straight hours one day and only managed to get one side of the root out and irritate the gum so bad that it hurt Jameson to even brush his teeth.

It was horrible!

I even told Jameson that if he would just go ahead and yank it out, I would give him $50.00 to spend however he pleased.

I hated that tooth THAT BAD!

Oh, and he couldn't do it.  It hurt him too much.

SO, after 6 long years with that awful piece of brown enamel looking at us, $79.00, and all of 5 minutes in the dentist's chair, Ol' Brownie is NO MORE!


(And of course, my ADD has been kicking my bootie for the past couple of weeks and I haven't pulled it together enough to get a picture of Jameson without the tooth!  GRRRRR!)

Anybody know where I can get a tooth bronzed?  I'm thinking about wearing it on a necklace!


  1. Wow, that's weird that it didn't fall out. I'm sure he looks MUCH better now that it's gone. Then again, both are kids are already great looking.

  2. Good riddance to Ol' Brownie!!!! Yippeeee!

  3. know how you feel! when Gretchen was about 18 mths old, she fell and hit her mouth on the headboard [yep..jumpin' on the bed] she knocked her front two teeth up into her gums! dentist said they'd come back down and then fall out. they did.. but like jameson, it took a long time.. and they were ugly!! but, all is well and she ended up having the best set of teeth! go figure!!
    oh, and tell jameson he's still the handsomest little man! :D

  4. My Brie hit one of her front teeth when she was tiny and did the same thing. Hers didn't take quite so long to come out though. Glad you can finally rest easy now and I'm sure Jameson's smile is BRIGHT and HAPPY! :)

  5. Ok- that was just what I needed today! "Ol Brownie!!" Hee, hee!!! Our 11yr-old has some hideously large front teeth, and while they are not brown, they are still VERY scary! The dentist kept telling us that he will "grow" into his teeth, and I am so happy to see that his face is finally growing enough to make his teeth seem "not so darn big!" And braces in a couple of years should take care of the rest! Ah, there's nothing like having a child ;-)

  6. Tanner hit his tooth on the footboard of his sister's bed when he was four. The dentist told us the same thing: it might move back down in position, it probably would die and fall out, and if it didn't die, it would look ugly. What happened was, it moved back down, never died, and never turned brown. We were lucky.

  7. just found out yesterday Sophia will need braces, shes only 8! what would you do?wait?....
    i enlarged the pics, and Jameson is such a handsome boy,hes got beautiful eyes...

  8. Funny how the brown tooth was so reluctant to leave.

    Seriously, do you have ADD? I have two boys with ADD. Love ''em.

  9. OUCH!
    How did Jameson handle having the tooth pulled by the dentist? I'm thinkin' the Tooth Fairy should have been VERY good to him...He is so darn cute, but I'm sure you hear that all the time. Watch out girls, he's gonna be a heart breaker!

  10. My 13 year old (aka bleed-o-phobic) would not let us pull baby teeth. Nor would he wiggle them, let us see them, touch them or go within 10 yards of his mouth when one was loose (unfortunately including with a toothbrush). The result? When we recently decided we could wait no longer to let them fall out on their own (we needed them out to get braces), we had to take him to an oral surgeon to pull..........wait for it...........EIGHT baby teeth!! Some had grown into the gum tissue. I kept joking he looked like a shark with his 'layers' of teeth. Our dentist took one look in his mouth and said 'There's a party going on in there!' LOL. He got through the procedure without incident and his mouth looks wonderful now. No more gingivitis due to lack of good brushing (poor guy couldn't b/c it hurt everywhere) and is currently (and for the next 18-24 months) sporting lots of tinsel!

  11. Oh, Robin, your story made me! Jameson has been very good about pulling all of his other teeth, it was just this one that gave us a TON of trouble.

    Kathy, YES, I have ADD....the older I get the worse it gets too. DRIVES me crazy!

    Lou Cinda, Jameson did just fine having his tooth pulled, he only cried for just a second....he loves going to the!

    Sylvia, I really don't know.....8 is a little young, but they may be able to fix some things now before they get too bad, however, expect she will probably have to wear them again later.


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