Friday, March 12, 2010

I just HAD to open my BIG, FAT mouth!

Well, as I told you on Monday, our rock for our fireplace/vent hood/foundation was delivered on Monday.  Because of various reasons (waiting on keystone, work, rain), we (Hubby) just starting playing around with the rock today.

He laid out several pieces so we could get a feel of how everything would look.

It looked good, but for some reason, we were having a hard time getting it to look like my "inspiration photo".

Well, then I had to go and open my big mouth and say, "Well, the reason we don't have as much room as in the inspiration photo is because the rock on that fireplace goes all the way down to the edges of the fireplace opening. We've got all this black metal that we are trying to work around."

Well, hubby comes up with an idea to fix it.

He first decides to try to just take the face off the firebox.....

After about an hour, unscrewing about 1000 screws, and jerking the thing to pieces, it didn't work.

The face is somehow permanently attached to the firebox.


Then he makes the decision to just slide the entire box back by 1/2", so the concrete backer board will just sit flush over the face of the firebox.

Sounds easy enough, right?
Well, to do that entails removing ALL of the surrounding concrete backerboard, AND cutting away the studs that are holding the firebox in place.

So as of right now, this is what our fireplace wall looks like....

All I wanted was some rock on my wall......


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It's sure to be an interesting few months weeks!



  1. oh robin,sorry to hear its not working for you, but i'm sure theres solution..i love the inspiration picture,sometime things dont turn out the way we want...good luck to you my friend,and say hi to marty,,awww poor marty,lol.....ttys

  2. Speaking as a contractor, here's how we usually install them. Firebox is installed prior to sheetrock and is mounted 1/2" from studs so that sheetrock is flush with the face of the firebox. Then you can put granite, tile, stone, marble, whatever right over the black metal. I know this doesn't help now, but in case you ever want to do another one, that's the secret.

  3. Oh my. How disappointing when it doesn't go as smoothly as planned/hoped. :( I'm sorry it has gotten complicated but just keep your eye on the prize! All the hard work will just be a memory before you know it and you'll be enjoying a beautiful stone fireplace! :)

  4. I FEEL your pain and it is always the little things that get cha'!!

    It can be MADDENING!! But I know you will get it figured out....somehow!!

    It will look great in the end!

    Lou Cinda :)

  5. There's always a catch anytime you try and do home improvement. I wanted to change the cabinets in my bathroom, but The Bossman said we had to wait b/c once you start changing one thing, you'll end up having to change it all.

    I love the inspiration photo and I'm sure yours will get there.

  6. Every time I think I have a really simple project, this is exactly how it turns out. I do understand. I do know the finished project will look gorgeous. Good luck. Hugs, Marty

  7. I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing with you. Is Marty possibly overthinking this project???? Steve does that from time to time and I have to talk him down from his high when his brain is in overthink.

  8. It's going to be beautiful when finished...maybe not exactly like your picture, but I bet you love it anyway.

  9. Akk - this could totally happen in our home. I'm forever optimistic about how easy a project will be. Well, at least now you are getting some really dramatic before pictures. I didn't really need that ! Good luck.

  10. Isn't that the way it always works out - something that looks simple ends up involving something you never thought about. I know it will be wonderful when you get it finished. I'll be looking forward to watching the progress. laurie

  11. Ya gotta LOVE "handy" husbands!! My husband can fix ANYTHING- it just may take him 10x longer and cost 3x as much!!! Good luck- I mean, REALLY.... GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!

  12. He's gonna get it figured out - I just know it.
    It's gonna be worth all the time, trouble and expense when it's done. Hang in there!


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