Monday, May 17, 2010

I've never seen as many sun dresses and cowboy boots in my life!

As I hinted in my last post, Saturday I was treated to TWO very rare things in my life.....

A Girl's Night Out


A Concert!

A friend (and co-worker) had extra tickets to Lady Antebellum and Tim McGraw in Atlanta and invited me to go along.

I was SO excited!

But, I will be honest and say that I was also VERY nervous.

As y'all know, I don't do crowds very well, and I don't do new places very well either.
BUT, I convinced myself this would be great.

I was right!

This was one of the most relaxed, stress-free events that I've ever been to!

We did have a little drama trying to find a NON-EXISTENT restaurant, only to choose another restaurant that was hosting a VERY LOUD college graduation party.

AND the hostess just so happened to sit us RIGHT NEXT to the very loud graduation party in the EMPTY restaurant.

But, we survived the meal and headed out to the concert.


**Pardon the quality of the following photos.  I was scared to bring my "good" camera to the concert because we were unsure if photos were allowed.  Fortunately, they were, but the quality of the actual concert photos are blurry at best.  I did get a ton of video of the performances, but when I watched them, I was mortified to hear MYSELF singing right along with the performers, so they will be hidden in my own private**


The trip went smoothly, we parked, sat in the car and made fun of the crazy, drunk kids surrounding us chatted for a while, and then went to stand in line to enter the theater.

Lew Ann



We only waited for around 30 minutes and quickly went in and found a great spot.

The venue is an open amphitheater, so you just go in, stake your claim,  lay your blankets down, and plop your booty down and wait for the fun to begin!

I LOVE this way of seeing a concert!

It's so informal, relaxing, and roomy...

Especially if you have a big ol' booty like me!

Once we were settled with our snacks and souvenirs, we just sat and "people" watched.

Some of the early crowd:

WAIT!  Is that Mr. McGraw himself?

Oh, sorry, I think I just threw up a little in my mouth.....

This is Stephanie, she also works with us and actually found us in the crowd!

Lew Ann



Most of the crowed seemed to be late teens/early twenties, some dressed like they expected to meet the performers in person after the show.....

And the uniform of choice?

Sundresses and cowboy boots.

Not only does this girl have on a sundress and cowboy boots....she has on bunny ears, that we later find out, light up in the dark.

This was a bridal party. They all had crowns that listed their jobs in the wedding.  SO CUTE!

I swear, I've never seen as many knees and shoulders in  my life!

And in one instance, I unfortunately saw that some of those girls think underwear is "optional".


Anyway, the weather was warm, but the sun was shining and there was a good breeze blowing.

And see, even my chins joined us!

PERFECT weather for an outdoor concert!

The show started right on time, with the opening act "Love and Theft"

They were phenomenal, even though I'd never heard of them until that night.

Then, a much anticipated "Lady Antebellum" performed.

They brought down the house!  

Words can't even explain how fantastic they were!

And HOW Hilary performed in those heels, I will NEVER!

Then, came the man himself....

Tim McGraw!


Man oh man, all I can say is Faith Hill is one L-U-C-K-Y woman.

Not only is he a fantastic singer, the man is HOT!


Anyway, all of the performers were even better than their CDs, which is saying a lot!

There were laughs, smiles, tears and singing....

A perfect night!

EXCEPT, the hour-and-a-half long wait in the parking lot where we literally sat in the exact same spot....only to almost get caught in the middle of an accident and near-riot that followed......and then ending up flying out of the back entrance and almost getting lost in the middle of a not-so-nice-area of Atlanta.....and me not ending up getting home until almost 2:00 am Sunday morning....LOL!

We all had a great time, and it was just fun to be around other women and just laugh!

It's been a really long time since I've done that!

Thanks LewAnn of thinking of me and letting me be a part of this great night!

Now, if you will all excuse me, I've got to do a little shopping for sundresses and cowboy boots!
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