Friday, May 7, 2010

Show Us Your Life.....KID'S NAMES

I have always been interested in how people come up with their children's names.

I mean, are they named after a family member?  Movie Star? A completely original name that just sounded really good?

Everybody's name has a story behind it!

My first name "Robin", comes from my dad's name "Robert".  My sister gave me that name.

My middle name "Catherine", comes from my mother's sister "Mary Catherine" and my dad's sister "Catherine".

I'm all full of family!

So, when it came to naming my own children, I wanted to continue with the "family" theme.

One of the really funny things concerning baby names for us is, that when we first got pregnant with the triplets, we ALWAYS had THREE names picked out....Two girl's names and One boy's name...WAAAAY before we even imagined we were having triplets.

It was crazy that we had to use all of the names we had initially picked out.

Our triplets name's are:

"Lena Courtney"

"Lena" came from my maternal grandmother's name "Lena Mae"

It was so fitting that my spitfire little girl, Lena Courtney, would be named after her.

My grandmother "Nanny", was incredible. She was this little bitty, energetic, tell-it-like-it-is lady.

She kept her hair dyed red until she passed away at 94 years old.

Until our little Courtney unexpectedly passed away, she was every bit as spunky and energetic as my Nanny.

The name fit her perfectly!

"Courtney" was a name that would fall into the "Name that we liked" category.

"Timothy Bryant"

"Timothy" was named after my husband's older brother that passed away when Marty was a child.

Unfortunately, I don't know much about "Timmy", but we thought it was a good name.

"Bryant" was a compromise on the name "Brian".

Marty liked the name Brian, however, I once dated someone with that name, so I felt that would be a little awkward. Then one day, I saw the name "Bryant" on a Cabbage Patch Doll....I know, weird right.....and instantly saw that as a compromise to Brian.

PLUS, you know how big of an Alabama fan I am (ie: Bear Bryant).

Then we have my little "Sara Chelsea"

"Sara" is after my most wonderfully, fantastic, beautiful mother. I could think of no better name to pass on to future generations.

As Chelsea gets older, she has seemed to inherit all of the wonderful qualities that make my mom so special.

She always has a smile on her face, never meets a stranger, is as sweet as the day is long, and will help anybody, in any way she can.

"Chelsea" is a name that I've loved since I was a little girl. I always hoped that someday I would be blessed with a little girl that I would name Chelsea.

Ten years later, we were blessed with our wild man "Robert Jameson"

As I mentioned above, "Robert" was my dad's name.

In the years after the death of two of my babies, my dad became such an incredible example of a Christian. His example changed all of our lives so much for the better. How could I not name my son after him?

"Jameson" is a version of Marty's dad's name "James".

We really didn't want to use the name "James" as it was, so it just so happened that one night while watching TV, I heard the name "Jameson".....I immediately knew that was it!

We do have a couple of other kid's names that if by some miracle we were to have other children, but they don't fit the "named-after-a-family-member" mold.

They are strictly "Names that we like".

"Audrey" and "Grayson"
But the likelihood that these names will ever be used by us are pretty slim.


So, what's the story behind your name and/or your kid's names?

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