Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Post-Christmas week is looking up!

Since this Christmas would have to be one of the worst I've ever had, this week is looking much better!

First, I am starting to feel more human again.  I'm still walking around in a Tamiflu-induced brain fog, but at least I feel like I will actually live!

Marty was able to finish getting everything cleaned out of the old place, so that chapter of our lives is now officially closed!

However, I'm not convinced the garage will ever be the same again!

 It is going to be interesting to see what crap treasures I can find in all the clutter.  I will definitely have to keep you all updated with my finds!

The black and silver under the plastic wrap?  My prom dress from 1987.....

And finally, I may have gotten something that I have wanted for a L-O-N-G time in the mail today...

This is my first attempt like 10 minutes after I got it out of the box!

I've only tried a few things, and so far, it's FANTASTIC!  I can't wait to start creating!

I hope this good week will carry over into a fantastic 2011!

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