Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jameson just loves it when Daddy brings his work home!

Marty had to work today.  Fortunately his crew was able to get the job done much faster than anticipated.  He had to pass our house while driving the truck back to the office, so he thought he would stop by and let Jameson see a real bucket truck.

Like most little boys, Jameson is all about anything with wheels and a motor.  He was so excited to get to see this cool truck up close and personal!

Safety first!  Gotta chuck those wheels!

Let's see how high this bucket will go!

WHOA!  That's WAY up there!
(Jameson is NOT in the bucket!  He was on the ground so he could see it better.)

Now it's time to see the inside of the truck!

But first, Jameson needed a little "coffee" break.

WOW!  That's a LONG hot stick!

Future Alabama Power employee, maybe?

We just love it when Daddy brings his work home!
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