Sunday, January 16, 2011

Mama's Mumblings

OK, I have been so stinkin' lazy over the past two weeks, I feel like I need a giant spatula to scrape me out of my recliner.  I feel like I have wasted an entire half a month week of my life!

I've actually been off work since December 29th.

Since I only work two days a week, I only have to take off for two days to be off 12.  So, I took off January 3rd and 4th so I could be home with my kids on their last two days of Christmas vacation.


Snowmageddon 2011 happened, and Atlanta was covered with several inches of snow and ice, causing my work to be closed for several days last week...the days I normally would work.

So, I've unexpectedly been off for 19 whole days.

19 whole days without pay, too.


I am a planner, and I feel like if I had known I was going to be off for 19 days, I could have planned all of the projects I wanted to tackle.  You know, like cleaning out my closet, cleaning out my kitchen cabinets, etc, etc.....

But, instead I just pretty much just did my normal chores and waited for a phone call telling me I had to come into work.  That didn't happen, so I just hung around the house and did nothing.

Can I have a re-do please?

One thing I did decide, however, is that I really, Really, REALLY want to be a SAHM.  Not once during those 19 days off did I feel like I would scream if I didn't have somewhere to go or something to do.  However, there are bills to pay, so for now, working away from the home is still necessary.


One of my BFF's in the whole entire world had a birthday on the 15th!
Happy Birthday Sharn Jean!  I love you very much!!


Speaking of birthdays, the 17th is my wonderful Mother-in-law's birthday!  I am so blessed to have such a fantastic mother-in-law!  We celebrated her birthday on Saturday night with a great meal of beans, greens, taters, and cornbread.

(My mother-in-law, and niece Shelby)

Happy Birthday Mom!!!


Jameson was in an unfortunate accident with a hula-hoop at school on Friday....

And the hula hoop won.

Only my child....

I've been playing around with my Silhouette a little.  And true to form, I decided to start off playing with vinyl, of all things.  It's not like I did the smart thing and get things figured out on paper first....I went straight for the vinyl!

I've been wanting to put my address on my mailbox ever since we put it up, so I decided to try that as my first project.  I do have one HUGE problem, however....


Could I have MADE it any more crooked?  I mean, REALLY?

So, I decided to add some flowers.  The only problem was, I only had three, red, and hot pink.  I ended up with this....


Yes, boob-looking-pom pom flowers was the exact look I was going for....


So, I tried again....


A little better, but the black and hot pink has GOT TO GO!
So, I've just decided to quit wasting my vinyl and order more colors to work with.

The good news is, it just peels right off!



I have been working on the world's ugliest picture frame.

I've still got a couple more things to finish it, but it already looks 100000 x better....

Don't ya think?


I hope you all have a wonderful and fantastic week!

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