Monday, December 26, 2011

The LONGEST Christmas weekend ever (part 1)!

Christmas is finally over for another year.  I cannot believe how fast this year as FLOWN by!  I guess it's true that time moves faster, the older you get.  I guess I need to get started on shopping for next Christmas, since it will be here before I know it!

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas weekend this year!

Saturday started off with spending time with my family, eating and exchanging gifts.  It is the Jones family tradition to have lunch at Red Lobster (so nobody has to cook!) and then go to my mother's house eat dessert and to exchange gifts.  The kids (and the grownups) get so excited and can't wait until their first (of many) rounds of opening gifts!

And now, many photos!

My mother's tree and the gifts.

Every single time these kids get together, this happens. LOL
  (Jameson-bottom, Jessie, Langdon, and Bryson-top)

My super-cute great-niece, Jessie.

My niece, Selena.

Jameson giving his Nana a big hug.  I love this picture!

My nephew, Derek.

My Chelsea-Belle.

My niece Selena, niece Laura, great-niece Kacie, and niece's boyfriend Bo.

My sister, Diane.

My Mama.

Jessie again.

Laura, Kacie, and Bo.

I love the looks on the boy's faces!

Selena and Langdon (acting silly).

We had such a great time with my family!  I think this is one of my favorite parts of our Christmas traditions!

Once we finally made it back home, we decided to let the kids open a couple of presents from us.

Jameson playing with his iPad (we didn't see his face for hours...HAHA).

And Chelsea with her new iPhone, complete with Scotty McCreery wallpaper and cover.

The big kids got some special things, too!

For Daddy:

For Mommy:

And also for mommy, thanks to a very special family member (THANK YOU!)

Once we were finished opening the presents, the kids changed into their PJ's and we started getting ready for Santa's visit!

Little did we know what little sleep Mama and Daddy would end up getting during the night ahead!

To be continued.....

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