Thursday, January 19, 2012

Who knew...

there were SO many Lego nerds fans in Birmingham?

A friend told me Friday night that she had seen an advertisement for a Lego Convention at the Civic Center in Birmingham and thought we (Jameson) would be interested.

We didn't have any plans, and decided at the last minute to go.  Having learned our lesson the hard way, we didn't say ONE WORD to Jameson about what we were going to do.  That way, if things didn't work out, he wouldn't be disappointed.

We got to the Civic Center, and realized about 10 minutes into our hike, that we parked on the wrong side.  That's OK though, we needed the exercise.  HAHA!

We walk through the door, and Jameson FREAKED OUT!  He was so excited, he couldn't contain himself!  Unfortunately for us, the first thing he spotted was an after-market dealer that he LOVES.  I say unfortunately, because #1: EVERYBODY was excited to see Brickarms there, so the crowd around the tables was HUGE and #2: All of their items were about double the price they sell for online.

After a while of not moving an inch in the crowd, we convinced Jameson to look around at the rest of the displays.

The problem was, it was SO crowded, you could hardly see anything!

Once we got away from the vendors, we spent the rest of the afternoon looking at the incredible displays.  It is completely crazy at the things these people have been able to build.
Replica of the Twin Towers

I loved the display, below.  It's a rock concert full of fans.

The Historic Alabama Theater.

These two were our absolute favorites of the event.  Below is a mobile substation.  This is the type of equipment that Marty works with on a daily basis.  It was incredible to see how exact this copy was!

And this is a replica of the Alabama Power Building in Birmingham, complete with the gold figure on the top.  After the event, we drove by the actual building and Jameson couldn't believe how close the model was to the original!

He was irritated that I I stopped his looking to take a picture.  HAHA!

The afternoon got a little stressful and overwhelming for me and Jameson with the huge crowds, but we had a fantastic time.  Jameson also came home with a TON of new ideas for future projects.

He also managed to come home with a ton of stuff from that darn Brickarms table.

But really, who knew how many Lego fans there were in the Birmingham area?

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