Friday, February 24, 2012

Mama's Mumblings

Happy Friday everybody!  I hope your week has been great, but it's time for an even better weekend!


Thanks for all the get well wishes.  It took a week, and two days missed work, but I am finally getting back to normal.  This sinus stuff has been brutal this year!  But, with the weather being so screwy...75 degrees yesterday and expected lows in the 30's this's no wonder we all aren't half dead!  

We thought our area had missed the flu epidemic this season, but unfortunately, it's started popping up at school this week.  It starts with 2 or 3 being out with it and I bet by next week, it will be hundreds.  :o(  We are praying the nasty flu bypasses our family this year (and passes everyone else, too)!


Jameson woke up extra early today (he LOVES school on Friday because he has Gifted class) and just didn't want anything we had in the house for breakfast.  So, we decided to head to our local Jack's for a before school breakfast date.

A spider outside caught his eye right as I was taking his picture.  haha

I hope he's never too old to be seen in public with his Mama, especially when she's wearing sweat pants, t-shirt, and no make-up.


I found this cute little wreath on Pinterest and decided to make one:

 I went to Hobby Lobby (my personal crack house) and found some super-furry yarn, and dug out a wreath I found at the thrift store, and started wrapping...

And I wrapped, and wrapped, and wrapped.  When I first started, I was afraid that I was going to need at least three skeins of the yarn, but surprisingly it only took one!

By the time I finished wrapping the wreath, I had a HUGE mess!

We are still finding green strings everywhere!!!

Even with the mess, the wreath is starting to look really cute!

Even though I initially started making this as an Easter wreath, I've been thinking I may make it a St. Patrick's Day wreath first, and then change it to an Easter wreath.  I've got to go back to Hobby Lobby and see what little embellishments I can find.


I finally got the backing fabric for my kitchen curtains:

It's a very simple red/tan check, but I think it matches great with my toile fabric.  I think it brings out the true red color in the toile.  Now I just have to find somebody to help me make the curtains!

Who knows, I may end up breaking out my sewing machine (ie: take it out of the box) and try to sew them myself.  (HAHA!  Yeah, like that's gonna happen.  I was the only student in my Home Ec class that couldn't sew a straight line!)

I'm thinking I want to do just a simple rectangle of fabric and use clips to make them fabulous.  Something like this:

Isn't this kitchen FANTASTIC?!!  If I had white cabinets, I would totally do something like this!

I can't wait to have my kitchen back together!

Thanks to everyone for the well wishes for Marty's job situation.  We STILL don't have any news, but are hopeful to hear something within the next few days.  His application was accepted, he hasn't got a "Dear Marty" letter (which means he's not in the running), and he's had some promising conversations, so we hope to get news of an interview soon.  Thank you all for your support!


Well, my brain has decided to stop working and I can't come up with anything else this morning, so I guess I will say goodbye!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and fantastic weekend!!

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