Monday, April 9, 2012

It's a mono Easter, Charlie Brown!

For us, Easter usually consists of Easter baskets, new Spring clothes, church, and Easter egg hunts with the family.  This year a mono diagnosis changed all of that.

I know mono is really no big deal....unless you are elderly and/or immunocompromised.  Jameson will be fine and Marty & I will be fine, but we don't want to risk Chelsea's or my mother's health, so all of our normal plans changed this year.

We decided that Chelsea would stay with Mama this weekend, to stay away from the germs. We would have to make sure the Easter bunny got a last minute change of address for her.  I did manage to sneak a peek of her basket before it was delivered:

Chelsea also got two new outfits and went to church with her Nana, so she was a happy young lady!

Jameson, however, hasn't left the house since Wednesday (other than to watch his daddy work on the deck) and wasn't feeling well enough to go out and do all of the "normal" Easter festivities.  He did love all of his goodies left by the Easter Bunny:

Nothing better than a ZOMBIE chocolate Easter bunny!

See his HUGE lymph nodes?  They get bigger every day.  Bless his heart!

Light saber anyone?

It's so ugly, it's cute!

And what gift-giving holiday would be complete without a Lego set?

So, even though this had to be one of the most cool and beautiful Easters in recent memory, we spent the entire day at home, watching movies (thank you EB) and watching Jameson putting together Legos.

Chelsea did stop by for just a minute to drop some things off (well away from her brother):

She was supposed to have black tights under the dress, and a belt, but instead she forgot about the belt and put on the pants from her other outfit.


She still looked really cute, though!

The biggest surprise of the day was when my friends Clay and Julie (and Miss Mallory) stopped by (they stayed in the car) and brought me (us) a HUGE surprise:

A PEEP cake!  She knows me so well!!!

And not only is it a Peep cake, it's a yellow cake with chocolate frosting!  She's the only person that remembers that's my favorite cake ever!

Even though we didn't have a typical Easter Sunday, we spent the day together (and got to see Mama and Chelsea for a few minutes) and that's all that really matters!  We hope you all had a wonderful and blessed day, too!
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