Friday, May 11, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is filled with professional appreciation days:

It's Nurse's Appreciation Week.

I have been blessed this year with several "Thank You's", and also a wonderful, heartfelt note and gift card from my employers.

Child Nutrition Employee Appreciation Week.

Since Chelsea is working with some fabulous people in the lunchroom this year, we plan on getting them all a little gift.  However, we are going to wait until next week to give it to them when they are throwing Chelsea a graduation party.  They are just too good to her!  She works with a truly wonderful bunch of ladies.  Our school system has always been very fortunate to have fantastic lunchroom employees.  Our food has always been fantastic, especially compared to other schools.

And it's also Teacher Appreciation Week.

Most years, the school plans something for the teachers and/or sends a letter home for the kids to bring something, but they didn't this year.  That's OK though, because I wanted to do something special for Jameson's teacher.  (I also plan on doing something for Chelsea's wonderful teachers, but again, we are waiting for her graduation parties next week to give those gifts.)

Here are the goodies I made for her:

This is an owl gift card holder.  I found this idea on Pinterest and loved it!

This is just a plastic cup with her monogram on it....filled with suckers.


This is just a card with her (last name) monogram.

Yummy M and M's!
And a cute little basket to hold everything together.

Thank you to all the Nurse's, Lunchroom Ladies, and Teacher's out there!  We appreciate everything you do!!

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