Friday, July 13, 2012

Busy, busy, busy!

Yes, I'm still blogging.  No, I didn't die or disappear.  I've just been super-duper busy over this past week.

I received a lot of interest in making them for others.

So, I've spent the past several days making examples for people, and I've actually received two orders!  I've really had minimal problems with the actual designing and cutting of the monogram, but I've been pulling my hair out when it comes to the glass in the frames!  Out of the four I've made, TWO pieces of the glass have broken while I've tried to take them out of the frame!  It's been really frustrating, especially when it's been late at night and the store isn't open.  Hobby Lobby did replace the glass in one for free, (and I didn't even ask for them to do it for free), so I am going to take the second one in and see if they will replace it, too.

But even with all of my glass problems, I've finally managed to finish my two paying orders.

I'm trying to copy Kim Wheeler's wrapping style.  HAHA!

I'm delivering one tonight, and the other on Sunday.  I hope they like them as much as I do!

I've also had people wanting to know if I am selling these.  The answer is YES!  If you live local to me (within 60 miles) or can meet me where I work in Georgia, I can make this either with the frame or without the frame.  

If I would have to mail to you, unfortunately, I can only do it without the frame.  As much trouble as I've had with the glass breaking, I just couldn't guarantee it would arrive in one piece.

The frames have a 12" x 12" opening and the entire thing measures approximately 15" x 15", depending on the actual frame I'm able to find.  The vinyl on these are actually put on the outside of the glass, to make it have a 3-dimensional look.  The vinyl can be put on the inside of the glass or on the actual cardstock.  The color and sheen of the vinyl does look different if put on the inside of the glass, that's why I prefer to put it on the outside. 

I can also do less intricate designs, similar to this:

 Or if you have a font that you love, I can use that, too!  These are completely custom!

The price with the frame is $40.00

The price without the frame is $25.00

So, if you would like one of these for yourself or for a gift, please contact me at:

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!!
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