Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I'm branching out!

A few weeks ago, my craft "business" started to take off.  I've been very blessed to get orders from several different people.  Even though my house cleaning has suffered, I've loved every minute of it!

For the past few months, a new friend has been urging me to try t-shirt vinyl.  Her reasoning was that if I could do the regular vinyl well, then the t-shirt vinyl would be a piece of cake.  I ordered some materials, but I put off actually trying to make something with them.  Over the weekend, another friend asked if I could make a very special shirt for her son...who is going to be a BIG BROTHER in February!  I was hesitant at first, but decided to try it.

CONGRATULATIONS to Nick, Paige, and (soon to be BIG BROTHER) little Nick!


I ended up making several other shirts over the weekend!

I made a Minecraft shirt for Jameson.  He loved it and wants me to make him a lot more Minecraft shirts so he can wear them every day.  lol (Of course this has nothing to do with my shirt making skills, but everything to do with the subject matter)

I made these onesies for the baby shower I helped with over the weekend.  The monkey onesie matches the banner I made last week.
The monkies were the "extra" I added to them.
Well, I couldn't be making everybody something, and not make Miss Mallory something too...So I made her this cute cow ("bull" per Mal) shirt.

Here is Miss Mal wearing her shirt:

I could just eat her up she's so sweet!

From the baby shower, I got an order to make another onesie:

And from this onesie, I got an order to make a back-to-school teacher t-shirt.

I'm waiting to get the shirt to finish this one.

I am LOVING making these shirts/onesies!

I've also been making some of my "normal" things as well:

I have been super-busy, but I'm loving every second of it!

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!


Thank you all who wished Marty and I a happy anniversary!  We weren't able to do anything special due to my work, but I did come home to a reasonably clean house, a fantastic home-cooked meal and a dozen pink roses!
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