Friday, September 21, 2012

A horrible, no good, rotten day.

Yesterday, Jameson had a horrible, no good rotten day.

The afternoons that I don't work, I pick Jameson up from school.  Instead of sitting in car rider line, I usually go into the school to try to help out wherever I can.  The benefit of doing that is that Jameson gets to leave as soon as the car rider kids are called.  It's great that we miss all of the crazy school traffic and make it home quickly.

Yesterday it wasn't quick enough.

The second I saw him in the hall, I knew something was wrong.  He actually looked like he was sick.  But the second he saw me, he started crying.  He started crying so hard, we had to leave out a side door just so we wouldn't have to walk through the whole school full of kids (many of which were already pointing and staring at him).  He wouldn't tell me what was wrong and every time I would ask, he would start crying harder.  After what seemed like an eternity, I managed to figure out that his girlfriend told him that she didn't want to be his girlfriend any more.  (Or the girl that he thought was his girlfriend wasn't really his girlfriend to start with, but just a friend that is a girl).

Really?  We are going through this at TEN years old?

We were fortunate to not have to go through this with Chelsea (and hopefully never will) so now we are going to have to go through this for the next 10-15 years with Jameson?  I don't know if this mama's heart can take it.  

Then, after we got home, I found his iPod Touch in the WASHING MACHINE!  Definitely NOT where that belongs!

Then, he ended up with four hours of homework/classwork to do.  He checked out of school Tuesday due to a headache, and got behind on his classwork.  So, he had to finish that before class today.  He also had several tests to study for.

And finally, to end his horrible day, there were ants in his bed where he happened to lay his leftover sandwich yesterday morning while he was getting dressed.  I had no idea he didn't finish his sandwich and I especially didn't know he left it laying in his bed!  So, we had to strip down the bed, clean, mop, vacuum and remake the bed before he could go to sleep last night.

He told his daddy, "Could this day get any worse?"  Bless his heart!

I'm praying that Jameson has a much better day today!
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