Monday, November 5, 2012

A little computer malfunction.

I promise all of you that my intention today was to do a post about a fabulous opportunity I had Saturday with 16 other fantastic Alabama Bloggers at The Outlet Shops at Grand River in Leeds, Alabama.  I laughed harder than I have in months, thanks to the incredible women that were there.  We had delicious food provided by Olexa's Cafe in Mountain Brook, a informative fashion presentation by Tracy James, a wild and crazy scavenger hunt, and a very productive shopping trip with some great friends, compliments of The Outlet Shops at Grand River.  AND, one of YOU may have the opportunity to have your OWN shopping trip, compliments of The Outlet Shops at Grand River.



For some reason, it has decided that it no longer recognizes my SD card and is re-downloading ALL 2163 photos!!!  This is taking FOREVER! 

Plus, I am at home today with a very sick young man.  He felt puny all day yesterday, but started running a fever last night.  So, I guess we are in for the next few days.  I am proud that he made it until November before missing his first day of school.  He's usually already missed several by this time of year.

 I promise I will do my very, very, very best to have my post up within the next day or so.  One of you will win your very own $50 gift card to The Outlet Shops of Grand River AND since this little glitch happened, I will also throw in a hand-crafted item of mine, of your choice (within reason)!

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and I will post when the giveaway goes live!

I hope you all have a fantastic week!!
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