Friday, November 30, 2012

My kitty must look really hungry!

Tuesday, I posted a hysterical picture of our cat and asked y'all to come up with what you thought she was saying.

Well, she must look hungry because 6 of the 7 comments had to do with food! LOL  Well, y'all really do know her because Sweets thinks she has to have "a snack" about 20 times a day!  Girlfriend acts like she is starving to death all the time.  

All the captions were so good, so I just decided to post every one of them!

Angela said:

Kathy's comment is the only non-food related...but, very appropriate for this household:

This comment by Katherine is probably the most accurate:

Robyn said:

Tara's comment is what she says

She also says Jessica's comment, daily:

And Greta's comment (that was eaten my Disqus..grrrrr) brought an early morning laugh:

See?  They are all so funny! I just couldn't choose!

So, which comment do you like the best?
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