Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nothing like a traffic jam to bring out your inner 13 year old!

On my way home from work last night, there was a traffic accident that had I-20 (my route home) down to one lane.  My BFF, Sharon called me to warn me about it.  I warned my other co-workers, and we had all decided to go home using an alternate route.  One of my co-workers left earlier than me and went the "alternate" route.  She called me to let me know that traffic was almost at a standstill, too.

Now what am I going to do?

I only know two ways to get home.  Drive the Interstate, or go drive the alternate route.  They both were stopped.  So, i made the decision to stick to the Interstate.

What a mistake!

After driving a few miles, I suddenly see hundreds of brake lights.  **BAM** traffic was STOPPED.  I continued sitting in that one position for a very long time.  So, to keep from losing my mind, I decided to Tweet about it.

**warning: The following comments made by myself are extremely juvenile ..but hey, that's who I am.**

So there you go, my friends.  The real me in a real life situation.  If you decide to leave now and never look back, I will understand....be hurt, but understand.

If you leave me, you will miss your opportunity to win the $50 gift card from The Outlet Shops of Grand River!  I'll close comments at 11:00 pm tonight!

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