Monday, January 7, 2013

Do we have the next Larry Byrd?

Jameson had his first basketball game this weekend.

Historically, Jameson is not really a "sports guy".  We tried football, and that was a total disaster.  Baseball was better, but not enough to try it another season.  Jameson just doesn't have the "killer" instincts that most sports require.  He is a big kid, but doesn't want to hit someone too hard because he doesn't want to hurt them.  He's not out there to win at all costs, he's there to have fun.  

This year, he decided he wanted to try his hand in basketball.  Marty loved basketball when he was in school, so needless to say, he was thrilled.  Jameson is too young to play for the school system, but for the past couple of years, our town has had a fabulous youth sports programs open to all kids of all ages.  They practice for a few weeks, play games during the month of January, and then it's over for the season.  Great for a slacker parent like myself.  HAHA!

We've been amazed at how excited Jameson has been during this process.  He begs to go to practice and stays until they close the gym doors.  Maybe we've finally found a sport he will stick with and enjoy.  My father would be so proud!   He's definitely a novice and will have to practice a TON before he's ready for school ball, but at least it's a start!
Now on to some pictures!
(I accidentally brought my broken lens to the game, so I had to use my standard lens.  Of course, most of my pictures are horrible anyway, so y'all probably won't even notice a difference.  HAHA!)
He was so excited about his jersey number!

Spencer chillin' before the game.


The whole team. Unfortunately, the coach had them standing with their BACKS to the crowd.  No clue why he decided to do that!
Spencer getting in the middle of the action.

I think that's as close to the ball as he got the entire game. :/

Game over.
 Unfortunately, they lost 26 - 8 (yes, it was that bad), but Jameson had a blast.  He said he can't wait for this week!

We may not have a future Larry Byrd on our hands, but we do have one happy little guy!

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