Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Making herself at home.

Over the past week or so, Sweets has been super cuddly.  Any time one of us gets still, she jumps right up and snuggles right in....no matter what we are trying to do!  I hate to make her move, but sometimes I just can't work with her in my face (or on my chest, or wrapped around my hand, or behind my neck).  HAHA!

Whatcha' doing, Mom?

This looks like a nice comfy spot.

So you notice how red my face and neck are? (I'm not wearing makeup).  I was BURNING up!  I hated to disturb her, so I sat there and suffered.

Jameson is LOVING it.  She has actually started climbing up in his lap, too!

Today she really freaked me out. I was working on something on the computer, and she jumped right up on my chest.  She flopped right down, turned her head upside down, and fell asleep.  She was SO asleep, her ears weren't perked up, she wasn't purring, and she wasn't wiggling her tail (what she tends to do when she snuggles with us.)  I kept watching her to make sure she was still breathing.  I wanted to take a picture of her, but my phone was in my pocket...the pocket she was sitting on.

After about 30 minutes, she jumped right up, stretched, yawned, and ran over to another cushion and promptly fell back asleep.

Yup, I think she's finally made herself at home!
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