Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Peeps just thought they were safe!

It's no secret around here that Peeps don't fare very well in this house.  Those poor Peeps come through the door, thinking their purpose is to bring smiles to children and adults alike.

If they only knew how many smiles they will bring to the occupants of the house!

Here is my original Peep post that show some of my earlier spectacular Peep adventures.

Aren't they pretty?
 Unfortunately, after that post, and after breaking a plate AND blowing up my microwave (and maybe blowing a fuse in the process), my husband decided that I could no longer blow up Peeps wearing bling in our new microwave.  

And after the DRAMA that it took to install that stupid microwave, I completely agree with his decision. Our current microwave has to survive at least 20 least!

So, for the past couple of years, we've kept our Peep torture to a minimum.

This year, the week before Easter and Easter weekend was extremely crazy and busy.  This didn't leave us time for any Peep adventures.  Jameson realized this Easter night and proceeded to remind me multiple times a day that I was a parent failure because I hadn't taken the time to torture any Peeps.  Yesterday we managed to finish homework pretty quickly, so Peep talk began again.

Since it was early in the evening, I decided to go for it.  Here are photos of the following torture: 

**disclaimer: MANY Peeps WERE injured in this process**

We found the Hello Kitty Peeps during a recent shopping trip and the kids grabbed them up for the sole purpose of blowing them up. The purple and blue Peeps were leftovers from last they were nice and stale!

Jameson arranged them so neatly.
 Into the microwave you go!

Awwwwwe, so sorry!

Round 2

Awwwwe, the Peeps are holding up Hello Kitty! (There is also another Hello Kitty underneath)

YUK! What a mess!

Look at that Hello Kitty eye just staring at me....

Round 3

Look how fat they are getting!

Oooooh, that's gross!

Poor Hello Kitty.

Round 4

We saved the remaining blue Peeps for last. They just didn't swell and melt like the others, so we wanted to see what they would do alone.

After two minutes, this is all the blue Peeps would do.

Which led to two boys (Jameson and Spencer) chanting "BLUE PEEPS STINK" over and over again as they marched through the house.

Even though we didn't have any sparks, flames, or broken microwaves, we still had a pretty good time.  The wheels are already spinning with ideas for next year.....
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