Friday, April 19, 2013

Mother's Day is Coming Soon!

Hey friends!

Hasn't this week been horrific? I just can't believe all of the tragedy and sadness that's been going on! Many thoughts and prayers to all of those that have been touched in some way by all of these horrible events! May God bless these families and this country!


I was looking at my calendar today, seeing everything that I have planned for the next month, when I realized that Mother's Day is LESS than a month away, on May 12th!  How is it possible that it's almost May?

Currently, I am taking orders for the vinyl split-letter monograms. I still have time to make them and get them to you before Mother's Day!

Goudy with first names.

Goudy with no first names

Goudy with first names

Regal with no first names

Goudy with first names

Goudy with first names and wedding date.

Regal with first names

Goudy with first names

Regal with no first names

Goudy with first names

Goudy with wedding date.
The monograms measure 12" x 12" and are around 16" x 16" when in the frame.

If you are local to me, I can make them either with or without the frame.

With the frame, they are $40, and without the frame, they are $20.

If you are not local to me, I can make them on cardstock and mail them to you to put in your own frame.

These are $20 with a one-order shipping charge of $10. 
 This shipping price is the same if you order one monogram, or ten. (ex: If you ordered 5 monograms, the price would be $110.  $100 for the monograms and $10 for shipping for all).

Also, if you live local to me, I can make these smaller frames:

These are available in brown/gold (as shown) or in black/silver.

These frames measure around 12" x 12".

These frames are $25.

I'll only be taking Mother's Day orders for these through April 27th!

If you order later and need them for Mother's Day, there will be an added $10 rush fee per each frame/monogram.

If you are interested, you can either leave me a comment below with your e-mail address, or if Disqus is being weird, you can e-mail me directly at or


I pray the rest of this week/weekend is calm and uneventful for EVERYONE!  Much love to all of you!
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