Friday, June 14, 2013

My evening with Chicken, Grass, & Rabbits

Hey friends!

Monday, I told you that Marty and I were invited to a dinner party, with real grown-ups and with real adult conversation.  Marty and I were very excited to be included with a group of our very favorite bloggers/tweeters!
I was SO EXCITED, I actually had my hair cut/colored AND wore MAKE-UP!

It had only been 13 months since my last cut/color. Talk about roots!

Marty and I needed to pick up a few things while we were in the "big city", so we left several hours early. Even though I had made cups for everyone, I still wanted to get a little something extra for Stephanie.

These were thisclose to coming to Stephanie's house with us.

So, after spending about 20 minutes in Fresh Market, failing to find someone who knew something...anything about wine, we settled on these:

Beautiful flowers. I wanted to keep them for myself!

Stephanie and Tadd welcomed us into their gorgeous home, where we all headed straight for the kitchen.

Here are our fabulous hosts, Stephanie and Tadd (who is actually very stunningly tall for his age..he's very, very tall. Steph is just wearing platform shoes)

Within minutes of arriving, Jamie and her friend, Patrick came in.
(And here is where it is most blatantly obvious that I will never, ever be a photographer. I don't have ANY decent photos)

You see those incredibly beautiful hydrangeas on the corner of the island? Those were our gifts from Jamie, along with some seriously decadent chocolate.  LOVE!

Then followed by Katherine and her husband Grayson. 
(The only face-on photo I managed to get that night)

Is there anything better than kitchen conversation with friends?

Well, actually there is. Kitchen conversation ALONG WITH some seriously fantastic appetizers!
Steph teased us with her famous crack dip and sausage and cheese tarts. You NEED to go make these appetizers RIGHT NOW! Well, unless you are dieting, then you don't need to make them right now because they will blow any diet you are on right out of the water. Everything was SOOO good. You couldn't just eat one...or ten. Willpower isn't my strong suit.

Just when we didn't think the food situation could get any better, Tadd walked in with these:

Then, as if eight perfectly grilled premium filets weren't enough, Stephanie puts out homemade rolls, delicious green beans...

and a fabulous potato casserole.

Meat, bread, potatoes and a token green vegetable(so we can pretend to be eating healthy)...could it be a more perfect meal??

What does a dinner party with bloggers look like? Photos of everything before they are touched. HAHA!

Here is my plate. I've looked at this photo a hundred times since Saturday night, just praying it would jump though the computer screen so I can eat it again...and again....and again.

Oh, but then, as I was sopping up the last of the food with my roll, Stephanie brings out handmade lemon meringue and chocolate cream pies.


My slice of chocolate. (I was too amazed to get a photo of it before it was cut.)

As if this fabulous meal wasn't enough, Stephanie packed everyone a doggie bag of leftovers (except for the steak...there was NO steak left in the house), AND a loaf of homemade bread...that was quickly devoured the next afternoon by our resident homemade bread fanatic:

Even though this was one of the best meals of my life, it pales in comparison to the 5 hours of laughter, conversation, laughter, fellowship, and laughter that I was blessed to share with these three beautiful ladies (and their fellas)! We both hope we have MANY MORE nights with these awesome people!

I look like the green giant next to these ladies!
Now, if you would like to see a GREAT blog post with awesome pictures of Saturday night, go to Kat's blog (Grass Stains) and see how a professional does it.

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