Tuesday, August 20, 2013

We all survived, despite being in denial.

Hey friends!  It's been a busy week for almost everyone around here.

It's the first week of school!

Jameson and I have been in complete denial about the entire thing.  This summer, we have been the two laziest people on this planet.  We stay up late watching movies, and sleep in late.  Jameson rarely saw the daylight before noon on most (non-work) days.  (I swear I didn't sleep in that late, but did sleep until 9:00 a time-or-two.)

We knew we were going to be in trouble, so we started trying to change bedtimes about two weeks ago.  However, that was a complete and total failure.  No matter what time Jameson went to bed, he would still be wide awake at midnight (or later).  I kept thinking it would get better, but it didn't.  You just can't make someone go to sleep (without drugs, anyway!  HAHA!)

This weekend came way too soon, and Jameson and I were both in a funk.  We were not ready for school to start back and we continued on our way, just like we had months before we would be forced back into a daily routine.  We were in complete denial.

Of course, that led to panic mode Sunday afternoon when I didn't have any of his things labeled or organized.  I managed to get that done, and only half-way melted the straps on his backpack while trying to put his name on them. Mom of the year, here!

Jameson went to bed before 10:00, but was still WIDE AWAKE at midnight.  Bless his heart.  He was a nervous wreck.  Fortunately, because of a gas leak (followed by an evacuation) during orientation, the 5th graders didn't have to be at school until between 9:00 and 10:00, allowing him an extra hour of sleep.  But boy, that extra hour didn't help at all!

At 7:30, I put on my "sweet, cheerful mommy" mode on, and tried to wake him up.

Total fail.

At 7:45, I tried again.

Total fail.

By now, "sweet, cheerful mommy" was being replaced by "ill and grumpy mama".  I went to wake him up again, and there may have been some gnashing of teeth.

That's when all signs of "sweet, cheerful mommy" left and the MEAN MAMA came out.

Thankfully, he got up, but there may have been a few tears involved.

He finally got up, got dressed, and was in a surprisingly good mood!

Since we had a few extra minutes before he had to be at school, we decided to extend summer by a few more minutes, and went out for breakfast.

But our breakfast, and our wonderful, lazy, carefree summer, came to an end, and we headed off to school.   I was a bundle of nerves as I walked out of the school and drove into town, especially when I found half of his school supplies STILL in the back floor board when I was getting out to buy groceries.

**slapping head**  Still winning mother of the year!!

He had a great day, loved his teacher (she got "two thumbs up"), and was happy to have so many friends in his class.

We all survived, but still can't believe our summer is already over!

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